Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bless the Tractor

Short Work of a Big Job

My front end loader is a treasure. It made short work of cleaning out the west side run in shed today.  Unlike the east side that was filled with old hay, built up over the winter, the west side was mostly an accumulation of manure.  I'd been cleaning it until things froze, then, cleaned as much as I could. But then, of course, I hurt my back and it rained a lot.

The Boys were hanging out under the roof and left it quite a mess.  However, it was no challenge for Kubota.  We were done in quick time with just a few places where I had to use the pitchfork to fill the loader.

I still need to strip Toby's stall and Chance's stall and the east run in shed needs another cleaning as the Boys have been dragging hay out there again. A couple more productive days and things will be under control outside the barn.

Inside is another story as I have a pile of sheets and blankets to be sorted and cleaned. And, I need to clean the fans so I can set them at the Boys' stall doors to give them some breezes for the hot weather.

It was pretty warm today, into the upper 80's at least with humidity.  Actually, I didn't mind too much as tractor driving is not as hot as wheelbarrow work.

And since the swimming pool opens this weekend--it will just be open on weekends until the end of the school term in June--if the sun heats up the water a bit, I will be able to get some swimming in.

I think I need to do something with the Boys too. When I started working with the tractor, Chance and Tucker were in definite snoopervisory mode.  Toby came out for a while, but lost interest fairly soon. But Tucker was nearly on top of the tractor as I was trying to work.  I had to keep chasing him off so I could maneuver.  I guess the tractor was the best entertainment he'd had in a long while.

He finally gave up when I didn't let him drive.

Maybe next time.


  1. "Did not let him drive" HAHAHA ^_^ You know that he would, if given a chance ;-)

    Your little tractor sounds like a dream.

    Starting to be very hot here ;-( No rain/water. It is becoming a disaster O_o

  2. Anonymous6:19 AM

    Dawn would drive the tractor if we let her - every time anyone is working with equipment or tools, she's right there watching carefully and trying to participate. Sounds like you got a lot of good work done.

  3. You didn't let him drive? You're no fun!

    I just love my little tractor. It makes the work go so much easier, especially in this miserable heat. Plus, they're fun to drive. Don't let Tucker know that, though....

  4. You got lots of work done today but if you could only teach him how to drive, it would be a lot less for you to do! :)

  5. It still sounds like a lot of work.

  6. Upper 80's! If that continues the pool will heat up nicely, especially now that the days are long.

    You did do a lot of work, even if the tractor was the muscle behind it. You just got to love the curiosity of horses. You must admit - Tucker's nosiness did make it more fun.

  7. well, you COULD teach him to drive, hitch him to a wagon - or the odd tree when the wind blows one down - but i'm sure he wouldn't appreciate that .... LOL