Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Fan Club

Barn Job of the Day

Church in the morning and lunch afterwards took up most of the very hot Sunday.

I figured it was time to set up the fans for the Boys.  Leave it to me to have not thought out the storage well enough during the winter to keep the fans free of hay and dust.  Essentially, I had to take apart two of them to clean out all the collected debris.  They are all working, despite some missing knobs.  Each Boy has a stall on the floor in front of his stall gate, and I leave them on all day when it's hot.  The biggest benefit is that they do blow the bugs away, adding to the shelter of the barn.

Tucker took to his right away and stood at his door, taking in the breeze.  Toby, on the other hand, eyed his suspiciously and left the stall until he was sure it was not some sort of mechanical monster in attack mode.  Chance just waiting patiently until  had his set in place and then kind of stood there, thinking.

That task done, I fed the Boys and then headed out to the swimming pool.  Today I did nine laps of crawl stroke, I lap of sidestroke, and some 100 bicycle kicks at the edge of the pool.  I'll swim again tomorrow, and then perhaps go to the indoor pool during the week for at least one more swim.  I guess three times a week will do until the outdoor pool opens on a daily basis.

I still have a lot of outdoor work to do to keep me exercised and, of course, and entire house to clean before my September surgery.

I guess if I tackle at least one job a day, I just may get it all done and still have some energy left.  And, gee, maybe I could get a ride in now and then--knees permitting.


  1. Anonymous7:41 PM

    Glad you got in a swim, and expect the boys appreciated their fans.

  2. Swimming on a hot day like today sounds great. It's such good exercise too.

    I'm sure the boys will enjoy their cooling fans. We put ours on a few days ago.

    You'll get it all done by September and if you don' don't.

  3. I like the "white noise" aspect of fans. It's peaceful.

  4. Good luck with the house cleaning.
    Your boys are spoilt .. fans. Lucky ones. Not such thing here. I bet it gets as hot if not hotter and more humid ...

  5. from the heading i thought you were going to say that you or they had acquired a fan club, LOL

  6. We are her fan club Claire :-)

    I have tons of big,clear, plastic bags from rugs I buy; maybe you could save those and put the fans in them for the winter.

    Great swimming - I don't think I could swim that long.

    I wonder if Chance is still thinking...