Saturday, May 21, 2011

Chicken Salad and Weeds

Grazing is Good

With all the rain, the grass seems to be growing like...well weeds. So are the weeds, at least around the house. I went out to clean off a mat with the hose and found myself waist deep in weeds by the back porch.  I pulled a few, washed off the mat and then got out the trust weed whacker--string trimmer--and attacked. Then I headed out to the barn, near the water trough, and trimmed some pretty big weeds there too. I just made a dent in the overall weed crop, but those two places do look better.

The lawn needs a mowing, but it is still too wet. On the positive side, as far as the Boys are concerned, the pasture seems to be doing well enough to keep them happy for most of the day.  In between the mosquito assaults and the rain showers, they head out to graze and it took a bit of noise on my part to get them in at feed time.  But then, Toby took the lead in a canter and soon all three trotted into their stalls for a bite to eat.

I am cleaning out--full stripping--the stalls a bit at a time so I don't throw my back out. A few more days, and things will be under control, but by then I am going to have to do the front run-in shed again as Toby and Tucker seems to drag their hay out there.  And the other side of the barn needs a good cleaning as well--a job done relatively easily with the tractor.  I do have to wait a bit for the mud to dry up, though, as it's rather soggy out there after week of rain, with more to come.

Meanwhile, inside, I made up a batch of chicken salad, finishing off the chicken breast I'd bought.  This time, though, I added apples, grapes and nuts to make it a chickem waldorf salad. I think I have mastered a pretty good recipe of my own.  I finished off a nice plate with some salad greens and it was quite tasty.  I have enough left for tomorrow too, if I don't dig into it before I go to bed. Tempting, I fear.

I took a couple pictures of Patches, the now indoor cat last night. It was dark and I didn't do anything to adjust the focus, so they are a bit blurred due to the low light, but he was just sitting at my feet looking cute, so I figured he deserved a moment of fame. So here he is:
Some of that is belly and some of it is guess which. *G*


  1. Patches is really adorable.

    There's so much work to be done on the farms all the time. Now with this rain nothing's getting done here. Weeds are the bane of my existence, but there's nothing to be done until things dry out. I give you credit for stripping stalls, I don't have the energy for that.

  2. What a clear-eyed regard from Patches. Your chicken salad sounds great and your work load daunting.

  3. yummmmm... your chicken salad sounds delicious!

    Just catching up on my reading and happy to read that you have a good plan for your knees. Must be a relief to have found a good doctor and get a plan in place.

    Try to pace yourself with all that work, not worth hurting your back more.

  4. Chicken sald is my favourite with apple and graper. hmmm You are making me salivating just after breakfast LOL ^-^

    Patches is just gorgeous! beautfiul cat.