Wednesday, May 18, 2011

All Is Well and All Is Wet!

A Week of Rain

We are apparently caught in a wet spell for the week at least. Fortunately, I do not see any flooding in my immediate area such as parts of the country are having, but some of the downpours might create some floods in low lying areas and, of course, near rivers and streams. I will just have to cope with Lake Follywood in my riding arena and mud puddles everywhere else.

My concert was a success and fun. I received a lot of nice compliments afterwards.  I really enjoy singing the songs--all written back in the late 1800's--settings of Robert Louis Stevenson's "A Child's Garden of Verses."  OF course my accompanist and I did a lot of preparatory work and rehearsing, but a good performance, enjoyed by the audience is always worth the effort.

Today, I spent the morning getting a headlamp replaced on my car and then researching documents at the Township tracing the history of the proposed concrete batch plant. It was quite a detective adventure with mixed success.  All in all we got some very useful information and developed a bit of expertise on how the whole mess started back in 1965.

Then, my accompanist/choir director called to ask me if I wanted to come over for dinner. He'd made a roast beef for our last rehearsal on Saturday and had since purchased a deli slicer to slice it up for sandwiches. Since he had a fair chunk of beef left, he needed some "help" eating it. Three of us for sandwiches still did not finish the meat, but we made some good headway. Then we watched a movie and here I am, back home, blogging in the middle of the night...again.

Another busy day, but at least the rain did not stop me from accomplishing something worthwhile.


  1. Lovely day. I enjoy busy days. I also have a tendency to be hectic, than I will rest for three days then start again full on ^-^

  2. Anonymous6:39 AM

    Glad the concert went so well! Sorry about the rain but it sounds like a fun and productive day.

  3. All this rain is making the grass grow quite nicely, I guess that's a plus!

    Sounds like a lovely day, and congratlations on your successful concert!

  4. Busy day. Happy to hear the concert was a success, but I was sure it would be.

    The rain has got to stop sometime...right? Hope we dry up soon.

  5. Glad the concert went well!