Saturday, May 28, 2011

Back in the Swim of Things

Hot Enough for Summer

It was definitely hot today with temperatures up around 90.

I kind of crashed for most of the morning as I hadn't slept well last night.

But then, I decided I might as well go over to the pool on opening day to see how the water was. Well, the answer is: delightful!!  It took a little courage to jump in, but once I was wet and swimming, it felt wonderful!

I sort of did my ten laps--twenty lengths of the pool--varying my strokes because I am not quite up to keeping my modified crawl stroke the whole time.  Then, while I thought about doing more, I climbed out and headed for the lazy river for a few rides around on the tubes.  That is always nice and relaxing and it lets me take a little sun. Again, though, I was cautious and only took two turns which was about 15-20 minutes.  Enough sun for the first time out.

I didn't try the showers there as last year, the hot water was not turned on until the pool was open daily--right now it's only weekends. But I hopped in my own shower at home as soon as I got back into the house. The pool smelled very much like chlorine and I wanted to get my hair washed with Ultraswim shampoo before it was damaged.  I am going to wet my head and use some conditioner before the next time I swim so it won't be as bad.  Usually the pool does not seem to be as strong with the chemicals, but it was the first day they were open.

I had the whole pool to myself by the end of my swim.  While there were quite a few people there, there didn't seem to be many swimmers.  There were children in the wading pool, but the adults seemed to prefer sunning to swimming.  Could be the water felt cold if you were not exercising, but it was nearly perfect for a workout.

I was glad I didn't do more. When I got home, my knees were really "tight" and my legs felt really tired.  I did manage to clear one wheelbarrow full out of Chance's stall--his is the last to be stripped--but again, I decided to be conservative, so I didn't do any more.

As I was feeding the Boys, a thunderstorm was threatening in the west, and I though we were really going to get hit, but all we got were a few drops of rain, some distant noise, and nothing more.  The weather radar showed a big storm just missing us.

At this point, that's OK by me.  The lawn looks as if it needs mowing again already.  If the pasture is growing like that as well--I really haven't checked--the Boys will have some nice grazing in between mosquito attacks.
They were out there as the storm seemed to rise since there was a pretty strong breeze.

I've brought the extension cords up from the basement so I can set up the fans at the stalls.  Hopefully that will help blow out the bugs and give the Boys a break.

I have vowed to ride next week, but I don't know how much. As noted, my knees are really tight, and when they are not stiff, they really ache.  I'm hoping the swimming will eventually help, but we'll have to see.


  1. So nice to hear that you got some swimming exercise in. It sounds refreshing. We've got some high temps too and humidity.

    I think with all the rain we've had lately you can almost hear the grass growing. We've been doing a lot of mowing here and everyone is wearing muzzles.Much to their chagrin.

  2. Glad you got in some swimming - the best exercise.

  3. I coat my little ones hair in conditioner before she gets in the pool. She has naturally curly hair and the chlorine just turns it into deed locks!

    Glad your getting some cool time in the water!