Thursday, May 05, 2011

Windy Day

But Nice

Still, I did not ride. I think now that I know how bad my knees are, I am less inspired than ever.

But I will ride soon. Today the wind was pretty strong most of the day. It died down as the afternoon wore on, but I decided the dandelions on the front lawn were a bit out of hand. It was starting to look as if the house were abandoned, since the lawn was so untidy.

I took out the newly resurrected mower and off I went. It's far from a good job, mostly because the fallen tree branches are still in the way as I haven't quite managed to move them out.  That is another rather  big job to tackle.  Still, I neatened up the yard a bit.  I really do need to go out and week whack along that darn front bank already, but that is a weekend job.  If I tackle it during the weekdays I will get mowed down by speeding cars and trucks along the road.

And my back is a little out of sorts too. I have a chiropractor appointment for tomorrow, so that will fix things--just enough so I can go out, do some chores and throw it out again. *G*

I may check with the lawn firm that cuts my Aunt's lawn next door to get an estimate, as they do week whacking and trimming as a matter of course, but funds are tight, and I'm not sure I can afford hired help.

Meanwhile, I will muddle along, doing a fair job of making the place look tidy.


  1. I hear you on the lack of inspiration. I'm going through the same thing knowing how bad my stupid back is. This is why I don't go to doctors, we were better off not knowing. "Ignorance is bliss!"

    I do think that horse people are cut from a slightly different material than others. We can tolerate pain and stress that would debilitate other people. My grandmother continued to ride and train horses for many years after her double hip replacement, much to the dismay of her doctors. I'm sure you'll be doing the same after knee replacements!

  2. I'd say the chiropractor will get your back in shape just in time to throw it out again weed whacking. Wonder if the lawn people could just do a big clean up and you can then do the maintenance. It might be worth the initial price just to save wear and tear on your back and knees if you could swing it.

    Hope you do get a ride in soon, it was windy here too.

  3. It's worth trying to trade for work. There must be someone out there who would love a riding lesson in exchange for some gardening. The same connection might turn into a solution when you need help after knee surgery. I'm currently negotiating to do some of our stone work in exchange for construction of a new office for me.

  4. Strong wind here too.
    I really understand you. Last week I hurt my back everytime I rode,I was ready to stop riding. This week I worked really hard at my seat, I had a really good time. I also had a Pilates session between.

    Take it easy and my prayers are for you to find a Handyman cute or not.

    Hoenestly Jean, you need to find somebody to give you a hand. Perhaps by exhanging lessons for help. It does not have to be a monetary arrangement!

    ((((((((Big hug))))))))))

  5. Sorry to hear you are still having trouble with your back. That makes everything hard.

    My place is getting out of hand with our wetter than normal spring. Even though it's colder than normal too the weeds and grass are growing like crazy. Too much work, too little time.