Saturday, May 07, 2011

Weed Whacking

At Least I Did Something Productive

I weed whacked the front bank today.  It wasn't quite the task it's been in the past as the road salt and snow plow cuts seems to have killed a lot of the grass and weeds that grow up there.  Good and bad consequences of a miserable winter, I fear.

Then I trimmed around the trees in front and left it at that.  Using the weed whacker makes my arms go numb after a while.  I had about enough energy to clean some of Toby's stall, although I still have more to do as it needs to be stripped.

Fed the Boys with the intent of going back out to lunge when I suddenly remembered that it was Kentucky Derby Day!!  This year's race was wide open,  with no superstars in the line up.  That kind of makes it fun because you never quite know what could happen.

I do had to admit that Wild Kingdom won impressively, pulling away from the field at the end. He has very few races under him, so he was a bit of a surprise. But he did look good.

Not likely that he will win the Triple Crown, but you never know. Let's just say that when the Preakness rolls around there will be at least one horse everyone will be rooting for!!
Colorful silks!  Wild Kingdom wins the 2011 Kentucky Derby.


  1. Well at least that's one big job out of the way. Weed whacking always makes my shoulders hurt and arms numb too.

    Watched the Derby too, it was a surprise. I was sorry to see one of the horses hurt, hope he's okay.

  2. i've been meaning to ask, whether a "weed whacker" is what we call a strimmer?

  3. Yes, Claire, I think so. It's actually a "string trimmer" that whirls around some plastic string to cut the weeds/grass. Mine is an electric plug in model and I have about 200' of extension cord I use to reach my property. I have a rechargeable one here I never quite put together...and some petrol/gas operated ones. But those are heavier and besides using fuel are also noisier.