Friday, September 04, 2009

Ultimate Irony

And I'm A Little Sore

The irony? As I was coming home from the chiropractor this morning, the road mower was just passing my house. With one swipe of his mower, the guy could have trimmed my entire bank within a matter of minutes. If it's the same guy who came by last time, that is exactly what he would have done! Had I waited a few days, I would not have had to weed whack at all!!!

That'll teach me. Teach me what, I don't know as there was no way of knowing he was coming. Phooey.

I am a bit muscle sore from riding. Nothing serious, but a few little aches inside my thighs. I had planned on a chiropractic "tune up" anyhow, so I scheduled an appointment for this morning.

I got up extra early to work the Boys a little...just lunging again. It was cool and bug free out there again. Today I just worked Chance and Tucker.

Since I am pretty well convinced something it bothering Tucker in his hind end, if I do have a riding lesson on Sept. 20, I plan on taking Chance. This means I have to get him fit and ready. So I gave him a good session. He really looks to be a nice mover who will get better as he gets stronger and learns to carry himself through his back. He is very obedient on the line and was a good boy.

Tucker went well too. I do not see anything in his gait to hint of trouble. He has always had a habit of switching leads in the hind end and cross cantering on the lunge line, so that doesn't tell me much. What I plan on doing in the next week is giving him a couple doses of bute, letting it work, and then riding him to see if it makes a difference. If one of his joints is bothering him, he should feel better. If it is something muscular or a back issue, then it probably won't do much, if anything. No rush, though. I also need to leg him up a bit more and get him fitter before going haywire.

If the bute affects him, then I will likely call my vet and have him look at him and maybe even take some xrays....unless he sees it as the stifle in which case it's back to exercise to build up his muscles.

As I have said, at this point in my career, if Tucker cannot become an upper level horse, that's fine with me. I have no real ambition to compete any more. Kind of "been there, done that." Since I cannot afford a true Grand Prix prospect, I will just play with my Boys to see what I can teach them and enjoy the experience.

Hey, with Toby's training up to Intermediare I, (PJ too) all I need to do is teach one horse to piaffe and one to passage and I will have one Grand Prix horse by combining them! Perhaps I could invent a new class...."Who can to which movement?" So we will have a class for flying changes, one for piaffe, one for passage, one for pirouettes, one for half passes....etc. Evens out the playing field for those of us who do not own horses like Totilas or Ravel.

Cool.. Let me work on this. *LOL*


  1. actually, that's not a bad plan....the SRS has specialist horses for particular movement, a quesiton of playing to the horse's strengths....

    but it'll not happen of course...

  2. Now that's thinking outside the box!

  3. Brilliant! Sign me up for the flying changes class and the piaffe class! Nevermind that we've barely mastered 2nd level, Spider's piaffe is to die for. As Claire said, we should play to the horse's strengths, *lol*.