Thursday, September 10, 2009

Perfect Timing

Shoeless Wonder

It is cool today, so in the early afternoon, I went out to ride. I figured I'd give Tucker a short workout and Chance a longer one.

Tucker was dead lame. He had pulled his left front shoe and was limping badly. I brought him in to look at it, and then came back inside to call my farrier.

Then I went back out, cleaned the hoof thoroughly and wrapped it in cotton, vetrap, and duct tape to protect in. I locked him in his stall and headed out on a shoe search.

You know the routine. Criss cross the pasture and paddocks, looking ofr a needle in a haystack...a lost horse shoe. After about an hour, I had no luck. So I went back into the barn, tidied up a bit and then cleaned under the west run in shed.

All this because I was waiting for the road department tree trimmers to finish up on my property and get their noisy truck and chipper a little further away before I rode Chance. Of course, by then, I was time to feed, so I did , and I've just come in.

I am hoping the rain will hold off for another hour or so, in which case I will go back out to ride Chance. The tree guys are still pretty close, but his stalll is on that side and he has had a good look at all the hustle and bustle so he will probably be fine. And his tummy will be full so he will be happy.

Ironic about the shoe. It has been dry for days, and all the mud has dried up in my paddocks for only the second time this summer. So NOW Tucker loses his shoe???


  1. They are experts at this sort of thing!

  2. Anonymous7:53 PM

    I find mine lose shoes more when the ground is hard than when it is wet - more stamping at flies, more drying of the hoof.

  3. At least shoes are shiny. Miss Izzy kept letting the boys take her fly mask and I had the most awful time finding it. Now she only gets to wear it on special occasions.

    Tree Chippers Of DOOM! Good plan to wait. ;-)