Sunday, September 06, 2009

Just In the Neck of Time

And the Heat Is On

Summer returned yesterday, and I woke up with a stiff, sore neck. I couldn't get a chiropractor appointment until after twelve, so I used my heating pads, ice, and a hot bath all morning to ease things up.

By the time I was home again, it was hot! The thermometer on the garage--in full sun--was reading over 100F. The only blessing was that it was not particularly humid, so it didn't feel too awful.

I had a bit of lunch, put on my swimsuit and headed out for the pool where I spent the rest of the afternoon.

Once again, I never quite got around to working the Boys.

This morning, Sunday, it is cooler and there is quite a nice breeze. But, I have to go to church to sing in the choir for our first service after our summer break.

Stacie called to let me know there are some nice horses and people we know riding in a big show at the New Jersey Horse Park. She was there yesterday to watch. She said she saw Betsy Steiner riding an FEI test (Betsy was a US Equestrian Team Rider who rode in the World Equestrian Games in 1990). Stacie said it was clear she was head and shoulders above all the other competitors there.

I had a lesson with Betsy back in, I guess, 1990 up at the USET headquarters and she was a marvelous teacher. Her summer location is probably about an hour away from here, so it's something to consider for next year. Like so many of the top riders, she spends the winter months in Florida.

The show was running only three arenas this year instead of the usual five. And apparently, at least one of them will finish up by around 2:30 today. That just goes to show that the economic downturn is affecting the horse industry around here as well.

Hope things make a move for the better. *sigh*


  1. That is it. Summer is over. teh temp are aorund 25 degrees c during the day, with cold wind. We all have a cold *sniffle*

    I have read somewhere else that there are less people showing. Less money here in Italy too, people prefer going hacking or trekking instead of showing, it is more worth their money, than spending money trailering the horse, paying for a horses-show entry fees etc then ... ride for 5 minutes!

    People are less breeding too. Horses just do not sell!

  2. Anonymous10:30 AM

    Hope the neck feels better soon!

  3. Now I want to go swimming!

  4. Summer! - its definitely Autumn here lots of rain and the temps have dropped a bit too.
    There are definitely less people at the dog shows although the Border classes are still decent sizes as usual:)