Friday, September 11, 2009

And Then Came The Rain

Soggy, Boggy Friday

Had to try to sort out some medical appointments as one doctor's office did not communicate with the other. But I think I have things sorted out. Had some routine bloodwork in the morning, but no biggie, as it was already raining by then.

Tucker is still locked in his stall, but doesn't seem to mind too much since the other two Boys seem to be hanging out right there, sheltering from the weather under the run-in roof and Toby's stall next door.

Had the solar installers back out to try to seal up one annoying leak in the roof where they had fastened one of the solar panels on the barn. So there they were in the rain clambering about and entertaining the horses for an hour or so. Chance apparently took the opportunity to bite one of them on the shoulder...shirt actually. One of those, "Hey, pay attention to me" kind of things along with his famous, "Gee I wonder if this will rip?" activities. Kind of out of character for Chance as he is not usually mouthy, but I guess the rain had him a little bored??

Anyhow, no one was hurt, just a bit surprised. Figures it was the guy who knews less about horses. The guy on the roof is totally cool about them.

See how good I am to my Boys? I provide live entertainment on rainy days! I'm hoping the roof drip will stop but the roof guy said he was having trouble getting the rubber patch stuff to stick on the wet surface.

As ever, I am impressed with the company's committment to its customers. I called them this morning to report the leak and they were here around noon or so. This is the second call on the leak, but after the first trip it didn't rain for a while, so we couldn't tell if it was fixed. Hopefully he got it this time, but if not, he assured me he will be back as soon as I call again.

Cool. We think one of the roof screws got put into a seam where one roof joins another and has made a hole that needs a patch. Maybe the one he got on there will stick it out and solved the problem.

Meantime, as if it doesn't need saying, I did not ride.

I do, however, have two Ansur test saddles here for a demo I will be doing. One is the new Elite show jumping saddle and the other is a new model cross country saddle. They look really nice. If it stops raining before I have to send them back on Monday, I hope I will get a quick ride in each one to see how they feel. Maybe, if I am lucky, my client will want to buy one of her own.

Once again....we'll just have to wait and see how things go.


  1. Anonymous5:12 PM

    No rain here - will send dry weather your way.

  2. Good luck with the saddle sale and the roof leak. I'll bet the worker was sort of surprised to get that close of an interaction with a horse. Nice of you to provide them entertainment for the day, I'm sure they are really bored.

  3. Aww... I wish I had the $$$ for one of those. The new ones are lovely.

    Oh well. My saddle should be here soon.