Monday, September 28, 2009

Busy Day

But Did I Ride? Not Yet.

Got up to some paperwork chores including calling to check on a prescription, calling and emailing about an environmental project I hope to work on, and talking to the fish, game and wildlife people.

Fish and game was not too helpful. They don't seem to think the hunter's position in the woods poses any danger to my horses. The law has not been changed, however, in that the hunter's blind must be at least 450' from my barn. If it is, that's OK, legally. If I ask the guy to move it so it faces in the opposite direction, though, then I am pretty sure he will infringe on my 450' safety zone. However, if I give him written permission, then it's OK.

In answer to a suggestion here, I do have flame orange outfits for the Boys. First, I have flysheets, which I put on them today. However, Chance has grown since I ordered the sheets so his is a little small, as is Tucker's even though his is the right size. They are inexpensive sheets and so are cut a little small. But, they are on, and the Boys are now VERY visible.

It was warm and humid today, with a brisk wind. Since tree branches were falling by the house, I decided to do some house chores instead of riding by the woods. Today was "clean the back porch marathon."

Now, mind you, my back porch is enclosed and had become the drop off point for everything that arrives at my house. The bird seed's out there, the cat litter is out there, the cat food is out there, my supplies of paper towls and toilet paper are out there, and just about everything else is out there in one jumbled up mess. I've been putting this off all summer so I figured it would be a good to start today. Suffice it to say I filled up three big garbage bags of throw away stuff, moved a bunch of horse stuff out to the barn...which also needs a good junk purge, and in general managed to get a pretty good initial attack completed on the mess.

It's not really done, as it started to rain again and I had to bring everything back inside without completing the sort, but a good start is a good start. I feel as if I did accomplish something.

I did find a set of reins I had misplaced, some organic fly spray I'd forgotten about, and some joint supplement I'd also forgotten about. Apparently too, I have an extra Sprenger Ultra eggbutt snaffle as well. It was in a bag I had been tossing horse things into, and I honestly don't remember buying it. I have one on Tucker's show bridle already, so what this one was for I can't quite figure. If I decide to use it, fine, if not, I will put it up for auction.

At this rate, I might be able to find a nice selection of things I can auction off. Why is it that horse people seem to accumulate horse "things," anyhow? If I find anything really cool to sell, I'll let you guys know first.

Right now, I do have a Passier Nicole/Grand Gilber saddle, 16 1/2", black, in very good condition for sale at $1200 plus shipping, if you know of anyone.


  1. You did have a busy day. It's amazing the things you collect in a short period of time. Especially horse stuff. Recently I've been cleaning out the garage and am almost finished. Then on to the basement and then the barn. I can't even imagine the stuff I'll find. Just the other day I found a brand new helmet that I can't remember buying in my tack trunk while looking for certain wraps I'd mislaid. Go figure.It does give you a great sense of accomplishment to finish a cleaning project though.

  2. Anonymous8:11 PM

    I have so much stuff I don't even know what I have until I trip over it - not a good feeling. Glad you made a start on the porch - that's inspiring!

  3. I have one horse.

    3 saddles.
    3 bridles.
    3 halters.
    2 standing martingales.
    3 girths, none of which fit my horse.
    4 bits, only one of which my horse likes.

    And so on. I haven't even owned my own horse for a year now. I can only imagine the amount of stuff you've accumulated, especially with the boys at home. Do keep us updated about your finds. I'm trying to phase out the non-fitting stuff (since I'm unlikely to actually get that OTTB for at least a decade) and keep the stuff that works.

  4. I have a pile of stuff to take to the horsey consignment store. I have two of everything it seems. I hear you on wanting to be "seen" when hunting season rolls around. I was thinking the other day about starting a company called "Blaze" (like "blaze orange") that makes visible orange clothing for trail riders. My biggest fear is getting shot while we are out.

  5. on hi viz for horse and rider, there's luna rider over here that make good stuff, think it's a shires brand - and import opportunity?

    i have a vast accumulation of stuff as well....4 horses, of 4 different sized, and i have everybit i've ever bought for any of them, most of the rugs (interestingly, what has fitted one has generally fitted another!) and brushing boots and gloves and and... but only one saddle....hate throwing stuff out, you never know when you might need it...