Friday, September 25, 2009

It WAS Thursday


I woke up with a start yesterday, suddenly realizing it was Thursday. The significance? Garbage day, and I hadn't put out my cans and recyling. I leapt out of bed, put the stuff out, less than half hour or so before the first truck showed up. Whew!

I had an early doctor's appointment anyhow, so being up was not a big deal. Went to the doctor and did some errands on the way home.

Then, I spent the day doing a bunch of chores and catch up paperwork, figuring I'd work the Boys in the early evening. It was pretty hot all day, so I left them to their own devices in the barn, if they decided to stay, with the fans blowing on them

I was caught in a couple of long phone calls and was kind of hanging out later on when I suddenly realizes....again....It was THURSDAY! That meant church choir rehearsal.

So much for the horse plan. That fell by the wayside for singing.

Now that I'm retired, I think I am going to need one of those big calendars or some kind of alarm system to remind me what day it is! Funny how when you are not working on a set time schedule how things like what day it is can get away from you.

Kind of nice in a way as when I was teaching, my life was totally controlled my strict time schedules and bells. I'm enjoying just letting one day kind of slide into another without worrying about it too much.



  1. Oh Oh it is so hard when you do not have a strict routine to remember which day it is. During school holidays I am LOST! I have not got a clue, which day I am O_o

    Thanks so much for the Halloween story. I could save as a word doc. I save them for Halloween, then I will have Paul to read them for Oliver the 31st October.

    Thanks so much. I love them. I really like the way it is written in a poetry form. I love English language (or American in this case) because it is so flexible and creative. French or Italian are quite rigid due of the grammar.

    Thanks again!

  2. That's funny - I did the same thing today (Friday) with the garbage. We had an inservice day and I did not need to be there until after lunch so I slept late. I heard the trucks out front, leapt out of bed and rolled the bins out back in the nick of time.

  3. That's funny. Sounds like you're really settling in and enjoying your retirement. It's probably so nice to just be able to roll with the day and see what it brings. Unless it's Thursday!

  4. you'll get a new routine eventually; but yes, a diary/planner is good.

    or even just use outlook on the pc, and set it to remind you of stuff a day ahead .. saves the paper. and you have the pc on every day

  5. Oh yes, ain't retirement great? I'm retired too and I never had a M-F 9 to 5 job so I was always used to not knowing what day it was and holidays were usually spent at work. So now, I'm still confused but I did get a great big desk calendar and hung on the wall and if that wasn't enough I got a big wipe off one for horse stuff. LOL! I think I do more physical work since I retired though. Have fun and you'll eventually get used to not knowing what day or time it is! LOL!