Sunday, February 08, 2009

What a Difference a Day Makes

Snow Go

The snow is almost all gone. All that's left are a few piles I pushed out of the driveway with the tractor. (Tractor is too big to fit in the house for Spring Cleaning, Claire, but it was a good idea!) The temperature was up over 60F today and stayed well above freezing all night. It is supposed to cool off a bit for tonight and tomorrow, but not really below freezing.

I took the Boys' blankets off today and let them air.

My best friend Jacquie was in from Las Vegas on family business, and she had time to drop over. We took Chance and Toby out in the woods for a nice little jaunt. Just walking as there were some slippery spots with surface thaw and some remaining ice here and there. Both boys were angels so it was a nice "hack and talk." I really miss having her here, but she has good family, friends, and a nice job where she is so I am happy for her.

After the visit, I had time to go stock up on feed including grain and some alfalfa cubes. The I dropped by the market for some carrots for the Boys and oatmeal for me.

Bless the lengthening days because I still had time to ride Tucker. I wasn't too worried about exercising him as he had thrown such a fuss when Toby and Chance were in the woods that he'd lathered himself into a frenzy running around the paddocks. But it was too nice a day to miss a chance for some saddle time.

The arena is just one soaking wet puddle after another and will be until it either evaporates or the lower ground thaws out enough for it to soak in. I trotted around a few times, then headed out for a hack. Tuck seemed quite pleased at first, but then uncertainty kicked in. He was still good until we reached the spot where he had spooked and lost his shoe the last time out. He started getting silly and I was a bit worried then. However, I managed to keep my cool and his cool and we made it through that spot fine. He got nervy a few more times after that when the footing was uncertain. I'm not sure if it was the ground slipping under his feet or just general silliness, but we kept it together and made it home in one piece.

I don't mind the jigging or quickness, but when he tries to get his head down or even threatens to buck with that "feeling" in his back, I have a hard time staying relaxed myself. Then, if I tense my seat or clench a bit with my knees, that just encourages his tension. What I need to do is just sit deep and long without tightening up. Easier said than done, I fear.

Fed them all and came in after spending some 20 minutes looking for the 5 pound bag of peanuts I bought for the squirrels. I took it out of my car along with the birdseed because some little critter--read mouse--had gone in my car an opened the seed. The feed was where I'd set it on the floor of the garage but the peanuts have eluded me. I took them out of the car, but where did I set them?

It is obviously a mystery for a detective who is better than I.


  1. Its nice to have a bit of company on a ride,im doing way more riding than i'd usually do at this time of year as I have more people to ride with, gives me a bit more incentive.

  2. it doesn't matter how many times one tells oneself to relax and breathe, if it's a scary situation to you, you won't - but i reckon today will have helped YOU a lot with that!

    and as nicola says, having company on a hack is always good...