Sunday, February 22, 2009

Rain, Rain Came To Stay

I Cannot Go Out To Play
Well, I might if I wanted to get wet. Intermittent showers of cold rain keep falling more on than off. It wasn't bad when I left for church this morning, but I had no chance to ride then. On the way home it was drizzling and I decided to to to lunch with my choir friends. By the time we were done eating, it had started the more persistent showers. I dropped my my director's house to pick up a copy of the duet I will be singing on Maunday Thursday, and just got home to some pretty wet conditions.

We've fallen into a weather pattern I'm not to keen with. Wet, then windy. Then maybe one good dry day--if the wind stops, then wet again. The latter part of the week looks particularly soggy. The elder two Boys are back in their waterproof winter rugs while Chance is in a lined Rambo medium weight sheet. Considering that the rain is threatening to change to snow means they are "dressed well."

Meantime, I came into a "starting to get cold" house. The heating guys were here all day Monday cleaning my oil burner. Yesterday, I came home to cold. There was water in the boiler, so when I couldn't get it to switch on, I called for service. Then I went down to the basement and decided as a last option to put some water in. Sure enough the heat came on. The service guy, on the phone, told me to put more water in. I did. It was fine all night, but now I came home again to no heat. The level of water was where it was yesterday when the burner shut off. So I added more water. Again the heat came on. But something is amiss. I should not be using all that water. The only thing I can think of is that the water is not draining back into the burner after the radiators heat up and let out their steam??? I don't see any sign of floods down there, nor any sign of leakage, so I can't figure out where the water is going, nor why the burner shuts off when it still has water in it. I'm calling again to get on the service list for Monday. *sigh*

Addendum: Service guy called. He will be here tomorrow. The water may be surging because when they cleaned the burner they took out all the old sludge and stuff. So it might need more water drained. Not sure what that means, but hopefully they can fix it easily.

The Boys are really eating up their hay. I am nearly ready for a new delivery. If I have to, I can go over and pick up 8 bales in my car, or even take two trips for 16 bales to hold me over until the young man who delivers can get to me. I don't want to be worrying about next weekend and the weather looks to be pretty wet.

My friends on other blogs are complaining about the "endless" winter too. Honestly, since I brought the horses home some ten years ago, I have not had a winter with so little good riding. Normally, I'd be able to keep my horses in at least light work. Either this winter is particularly bad, or I have just gotten too old to tolerate the kind of weather I used to ride in. The trouble is, though, the bad footing.

Today, I might have gotten some riding in. I would have had to dress in raingear, just in case, but then horses and tack would be wet and when it's cold like this, I'm not too keen on that. Still there were some breaks in the rain which years ago, I would have taken advantage of.

Guess I am getting too old to deal with it. No wonder I need to retire. *G*


  1. Yep if you retire, you then will have PLENTY of energy to play with your horses ^-^

    Still sunny and cold here, sorry. But Springs is very much here.

  2. I don't think you're getting too old, I do think this is one of the worst winters I can remember for a while. It seems it either snowed, rained or we had sleet and ice every other day. I have had enough. We didn't eve work the horses this year as the rings were always either snowed under or iced. I would love an indoor. Spring is just around the corner though.

  3. There is an award for you on my blog, please stop by to pick it up and if you have already received this one, well, you're so nice you got it twice!

  4. i know i keep complaining about the boggy arena, but really i'm doing pretty well this winter, there's not been a day, i don't think (I'd have to double check back), when i haven't been able to do something with Molly (even if it was only lunge for exercise). although we're all fed up of winter as well .... partly the time of year when everyone's totally fried from all the extra work winter brings...

  5. I know what you mean about the weather there just seems to be endless mud at the minute,I get so fed up of constantly being dirty!
    Although like Claire this has been quite a productive winter for me,probably a lot to do with the yard move giving me more incentive than usual.