Thursday, February 05, 2009

Still Frozen

No Question About the Blankets

In the 20'sF all day, so no need to change the Boys into their sheets. Just a little warmer tomorrow and then a drastic change as it heats up over the weekend.

I noticed the Boys seemed to be in the barn when I left for choir practice. I would guess that just being able to stand on snowless ground would be more comfy as the cold night drew on. And, of course, they each had a couple nice flakes of hay to munch on in their stalls.

My replacement water heater appears to be working just fine, thank goodness. As long as it stays in the tub and doesn't get "Chanced" out, it should hold for the rest of the season. It has a thermostat in case the water level gets to low, but I'm pretty careful about making sure the tub is at least half full all the time. Water is so essential to the Boys' health I am totally paranoid about making sure they don't run out.

Not much horsey news, obviously. I must admit that this time of year, the Boys do tend to pay a little more attention to me than when there are places to browse and graze. Sad, in a way, to think they are forced to be so dependent on a person for their welfare. Were they out and about in freedom, they would nibble trees, and find at least some sustenance under the snow. Inside the fences, most of the "nibble" is nibbled and my sparse pasture has gone completely to sleep for the winter.

When you think about it, it's a pretty awesome responsibilty.

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  1. essential until they poo in it - which molly did last night, and fairly early on as well (not a lot drunk) - thank goodness i soak her hay!