Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Almost There

And Almost Here

I had a call from an Ansur client when I got home. She was thinking of buying a used saddle and was concerned about how it fit her high withered Thorougbred. We arranged a meeting but then I had second thoughts and decided to call Ansur directly myself.

First, I wanted to know if my new Elite dressage saddle might be on the way since this client would really be interested in trying it.

Second, I wanted to ask some questions about the saddle fitting issues.

Well, my saddle was finished and we agreed to expedite shipping to over night so I may well have it by Friday!! This is super as my arena is almost ready for some serious riding. I had considered lunging a Boy or two tonight but when I went out to poo pick, I discovered a beautiful sunny side of the arena and a too wet underneath--in the clay shady side. Not only would it be slippy, but working a horse would dig up the base and cause some footing issues later in the season. Just as well since the poo pick took until dark after all the saddle phone calls.

It is supposed to rain or "shower" tonight, but then we are going to have windy conditions along with somewhat cooler temperatures. Mind you, "cooler" compared to the nearly 70F it was today will feel just fine. We may actually have a thunderstorm tonight, so I will close off the pasture to keep the Boys near the barn area. If it does start to kick up a storm, I'll put them in.

But meanwhile, I am getting excited about trying the new saddle. This is a true dressage model and all the reviews have been great. I will be sending my feedback in as well and, eventually, some pictures.

And my client is very interested in the Elite as well. I will be taking both it and my Classic to a demo for her on Sunday if all works out as planned. She has a young, big Thoroughbred with a lovely attitude and I am quite excited to see him. I still love my Throughbreds despite Tucker's idiosyncracies. Well, actually I love him anyhow even if he is a pain in the .......... *G*

But I love Chance too, and of course, Toby the Prince.

Four legs, a mane and a tail and I'd probably love it. *sigh*


  1. Four legs, a mane and a tail and I'd probably love it. *sigh

    LOL ^-^ you sum it up for me!

    Can you take photo of the new Ansur Dressage saddle. I am curious. Are Ansur saddles all treeless?

    Just wondering I do not know much about Ansur ...

  2. 70 degrees F!!!!!! in February!!!!! you jammy thing....

  3. and muriel, all ansurs are treeless...