Thursday, February 26, 2009

Little Bits of Spring

The Crocuses Are Up
The crocus are blooming by my front porch. I meant to take a picture in the daylight when they were open and wide awake, but I forgot. So you will just have to settle for a picture of them all bundled up for the night.

I was surprised to see them the other day as it hasn't been warm for too many days. I guess, like shedding horses, their blooms are as much triggered by the length of days and sunshine on the cold ground as anything. Rain is on the way again tomorrow, but if I get the chance I will go looking for more. They are scattered about my property, probably as a result of those clever squirrels who seem to be able to find all kinds of buried treasures to rebury somewhere else.

That being said, I did not ride or anything today. I stayed a bit too long after school talking first to the drama teacher and then to the Superintendent of Schools, who happened to see me in the hall. She and I actually started our teaching careers together, so we had some stories to swap and a good conversational relationship. It is a little amusing to me because when I was in the office earlier and she popped in, everyone stiffened to alert and one secretary called the Principal who was elsewhere to warn him. Her very presence strikes nearly everyone with awe--big boss effect and all that. While I certainly respect her as my supervisor, I still remember her as a young teacher struggling along as I did, so I'm quite comfortable in her presence.

When I got home, the first observation was my garbage can rack. To my delight, the garbage and recyclables had been picked up. Score one. To my disgust, the paper recycling bin was lying in the middle of my driveway, partially blocking my way in. Score minus one. However, the yellow recycling can was upside down in the rack. Score back to one. The garbage can was standing upright in the rack. Score only one half on this. When I had called the Township Public Works office to complain about my damaged bins months ago, the woman assured me the trash collectors ALWAYS put the cans and bins back where they found them, upside down. Blue bin not back in rack and garbage can not upside down. I know I am being picky, but I hate being assured of one thing by the local government only to repeatedly discover that it's largely untrue--which probably explains why my cans and bins have ended up smashed on the road so many times. Ah well, I guess we almost had 2/3 success.

Chance came out to "help" me as I was poo picking the riding arena tonight. As I was late, I fed the Boys and then decided to spend the last little bit of daylight doing some chores. Chance's idea of assistance involves lifting the handle of the handle only. Anyone who has ever used a one wheeled barrow knows the consequence of that. Tipover!! Luckily, I caught him in the act and stopped him--more than once from spilling all the manure I'd picked up back out all over the arena. He is very persistent, and does not shoo away easily. Again, he is so full of self-confidence he simply does not feel the need to run when I wave my hands at him. While his totally non-spooky nature is endearing, at times it does have a downside. Fortunately, he does seem to understand the word, "N0!" at least for a minute or so. *G*

Actually, Tucker and Toby are not much easier to shoo away. Apparently, they find my frantic efforts to chase them off when I don't want them around to be rather entertaining. Kind of sad to think watching a human flapping her arms is the highlight of their day, but who am I to judge a horse's entertainment tastes? I did notice the horse play ball was back inside the arena. The last time I saw it it was in the paddock. I hope I can get some photographic evidence of its mode of travel one of these days. I have a feeling it's Chance's mouth.

Someday, when I have the time, I am going to set up a little spy station and just sit out there all day to watch the Boys to see just how they spend the day. Don't know how long I'll last watching, but sooner or later I ought to see something worth my time.

And maybe I'll figure out some of the rules of "how to knock down the fence."


  1. Anonymous5:38 AM

    We're inching closer to spring here as well - but not this morning - it's in the 20s and the wind is howling. Sounds like your boys are very entertaining - I think that time spend being with and observing the horses is as much fun as the riding part!

  2. I think that if they see you with a halter, they might not come next to you, at least Toby who is hard to catch.

    I am sure they really enjoy your compagny ^-^

  3. Sounds like it's time for a "paddock cam"! Then you can see exactly what they are up to! (and post the funny stuff here for us to share!)

    The weather is going to determine if we get to Jersey on Sunday. If it is supposed to be snowy I'm not for driving any distance in it. If all goes well, we will be heading to Annandale, NJ.

  4. i thought CCTV as well... would be great!

    we've got crocuses coming up in sheltered spots and daffodils poking through; snowdrops on their way out.

  5. Crocuses! I'm jealous. Of course, I haven't planted any, so I won't be seeing them. I do have some daffodils and tulips, but I think I have quite a wait before they pop up.