Thursday, February 05, 2009

OK, So It's Pretty

Snowy Morning

It was one of those beautiful snows where all the trees were coated. Since I had time because school had a delayed opening, I went out to take some pitures before the snow melted the tree cover.
The front yard with the house in the background. Everything coated in snowy while.

The barn, viewed from the house. Just gives you the perspective of how far I have to walk to see the Boys. My road, heading east. Nicely plowed as you can see. That way leads towards the warehouses and the direction to school. No traffic in the picture, but that is unusual. School opened late this morning and I have a feeling a lot of commuters were sleeping in late as well.
Some more pastoral scenes. The top one is the view out to the woods. And, of course, since this is a horse blog, the obligatory horse. I think Toby has his tongue out, expressing his general disdain for the weather.

The water trough had a coating of ice this morning. I checked the plug for the installed heater and filled it for the day. When I came home, I was frozen over again. I guess the heater has died. Fortunately, I had a submersible heater I'd bought a while ago. (The one in the tub is fastened in--the new one just lies on the bottom.) I put the new heater in, kind of wedging it under the other one. I just came in from late feed and the water is nice and wet. I'll have to buy a new permanent heater when the weather warms. I'm not going to bother now---unless a certain horse manages to find a way to play with the new heater. (Sigh) Aha! Just a thought. Maybe I can put a board over top of the one end of the tub to keep certain playful chestnuts from fishing out the submersible.
It is going to be one of those weeks when the issue of rugs/blankets gets kind of confusing. Somewhere along the way the temperature is supposed to rise and by the weekend might even be in the 50'sF. Trouble is, the nights are cold and when I get up to feed in the morning before school, it's still icy cold--in the 20's. So the Boys might need light sheets by afternoon. I hate to think of them standing around in too heavy "jackets" waiting for me to get home from school.
Guess I'll take it one day at a time and just try to decide what to put on them each morning before I leave and hope they won't get chilled before it warms up.
As I've said before, I'll just have to see what tomorrow brings.


  1. Have you still got your Christmas deco on, then? ^_^

    Beautiful photos. Here it is 13 degrees C, raining ...

  2. that's fantastic... we haven't got that sort of snow here (think they have in other parts of the country). shame such beautiful stuff can cause such chaos....

  3. England could learn something from your plowed roads! ML

  4. marylou, it's just that they're all soft southerners where you are ....and don't expect the weather so aren't stocked up for it. although this is exceptional.