Friday, May 09, 2008

Waiting Mode

What's Going On?

Tucker is still very lame. It is worrying and my mind is imagining all kinds of bad things. It's Friday and the vet should be here later in the afternoon.

I was sick yesterday so I ended up staying home--either really bad allergies or the start of a nasty cold. I also had my knees injected in the afternoon.

Wednesday I lunged both Toby and Chance so they did get some work.

Had a migraine this morning as a result of the cold/allergy thing so I still felt rotten. Home again, but I went to the chiropractor in the early morning and am feeling much better at least with the headache. Still not sure about the whatever else I caught.

More later after the X rays.


  1. Okay let us know. I was waiting for teh X-rays results .

    Fingers crossed.

  2. Oh that waiting period is just awful. I sympathise Jean. Poor Tuck.


  3. Hope you are feeling better and the vet news on Tuck is good!

  4. the timelines get me? any news?