Friday, May 09, 2008

Good News

No X Rays Needed

Dr. Dante came today as scheduled and he didn't even have to take out the x ray equipment.

Tucker is about to pop a gravel right in the center of his coronary band on the lame foot. The abscess wasn't quite ready to pop, so the Dr. pressed on a it a bit, hoping he might urge it along.

Now I am back to the soaking and poulticing--not the whole foot, just the coronary band area. He said Tucker should be just fine by Wednesday.

Hard to say when it will blow, but it looks to be be soon. Good thing as Tucker is very sore. Every time the vet touched the spot, he flinched and pulled his foot away.

Never met Dr. Dante before and I liked him a lot. He is the newest member of the practice but worked with another vet I know as a partner. He has a really nice way with the horses and a really good manner with the owner. I am really pleased to have met him.

And relieved to find out that Tucker will be OK soon.

It's been raining all day, so no riding with the other Boys.

Lessons tomorrow, 4:30 and 5:30, so it will be later on when I post on Chance's first real outing. And, of course, Gabriel's assessment of my little man.


  1. glad it is just an abcess brewing - certainly taking it's time.

    and will be really interesting to hear how chance gets on. Hope you're fit for it?

  2. Yahoo only an abcess. I am so please it is only an abcess. I was getting worried too.

    Poor Tucker!, But does he not need to move for bursting it? Is it not what the Barefoot brigade advices ???

  3. lCouldn't even drag him out of the stall this morning, he is that sore. Figured he'd like to graze a little. I left him in and will try again in the evening, when we get back from the lessons.

  4. I have never been more relieved to be right, I'm so pleased for you and him.

    If he's too sore to move, Muriel, you risk tendon damage in the opposite leg if you make him take too much weight on it. It'll make no difference to an abscess brewing whether he moves or not, that's just the advice for growing a good foot.