Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hate to Say It

Two Day Migraine Sort of Thingie

My neck went out on Sunday night. The chiropractor was closed on Monday for the holiday. I was miserable all day and then ended up with a stomach thing. Stayed home Tuesday. Went to the doctor and finally felt better by Tuesday night.

No horse report. The Boys are spending daylight hours in their stalls so I guess the flies are starting to bite. Will have to put their fly sheets on and put the fans in the barn.


  1. Oh Poor you !

    Big hugs I hope you get better soon!

  2. oh dear.

    i don't know jean, i think you get too many migraines and stuff, i worry about you!

  3. Thanks for the worry, Claire. The migrainy things are completely connected to my neck. Had a whiplash years ago. If I sleep crooked, and certain vertebrae go out...zap. Headache. Add another vertebrae lower down and--stomach thingie. If I catch it early and get an adjustment, I am fine. This time, the chiropractor was closed for the holiday. Disaster.