Sunday, May 11, 2008


Tucker May Be Better

I'm not sure yet, since I didn't take off the wrap I put on this morning, but Tucker was walking better.

I really had to convince him to come out of his stall this morning for his soaking. I checked on him several times during the day and finally, around 4, decided to drag him out to graze on the lawn for an hour or so.

As time wore on, he was walking better. Not sound, yet, but definitely not as three legged lame as he was yesterday. It could be the abscess is finally broken through, but I am not taking off the bandage yet. I wrapped the area with cotton and a really good layer of Icthammol so it should be fine until morning. I'll get up early and soak and rewrap. I'll keep my fingers crossed tonight.

I did have to laugh though. There is a lot of grass to eat in my unmown lawn, but when I went out to feed and put Tuck back in, he was in the carport where I store the hay. When he heard my voice, he backed out, looking a little....very little, sheepish. Why was he in the hay when there was all that grass to eat? Well, there was also a bag of feed in there. Sure enough, the bag has a Tucker sized mouth hole gnawed in it and he was having a snack. Clever boy.

Meantime, the two dressage lesson stars had the day off. Both of them worked exceptionally hard yesterday, so they deserved the vacation.

The downside is that is it supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow, so the vacation may be extended.

I have a clinic with Patrice Edwards on Thursday. That is generally not too stressful on the horses as she really makes the rider work. If Chance goes, I'm sure it will be an interesting and truly beneficial lesson. Stacie will be riding Toby, so I hope Patrice will help her sort out the right lead canter issue. As for Chance and me--since I really doubt Tucker will be sound enough and reshod to go--no reason to push him--anything we can learn together will be absolutely wonderful.

So perhaps the countdown to the big "pop" has finally begun.


  1. Pop Pop Pop! :)

    Tucker is a stomac on legs... I had to laught!

    I cannot wait for your report on Patrice clinic.

  2. Tee hee! Tucker tucked in :-) I am glad he's wlaking better, it's hopefully burst.


  3. well look forward to good news all round then