Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Really Good Day

Good News For All Three

First the Tucker report. Tuck continues to heal and looks sound at the walk. I did not trot him as he still has no shoe and I am leery that he might have developed the gravel/bruise when his shoe was off the last time. I may try a little trot test tomorrow if the bandage is still in one piece when I get home.

I turned him out on the lawn to graze for about an hour--after blocking off the carport with the feed in it--and he was really happy to be out and about. He is staying in the little run in shed/stall/pen thingie until he is back to 100%. His hoof and the crack on the coronary band looked good today. I called Scott last night and left a message filling him in on everything. Now it's just wait and see.

I lunged Chance after dinner and he has come along amazingly well since about a month ago when lunging was almost out of control. He did some excellent trot and canter on both hands and was completely under control. He was great!

I do have to admit I think he is quite pleased about his new role and the lessons. He is practically beaming with self-confidence and seems to be relating to me more and more each time I handle him. He comes willingly when I call and actually acts as if he wants to work. It's as if he knows he is a star and wants to bask in the accolades. He deserves it. He is one grand little horse.

Toby decided, after reading Caroline's blog, to play "Catch me if you can," all over the pasture when I went out to collect him. Chance did not help at all since he thought the game was "gallop to the far end as fast as you can." I just kept walking after them, pushing Chance aside every time he came to see what I wanted. After perhaps fifteen minutes of this, Toby decided all the effort just wasn't worth it and he let me walk right up to him and put on his halter.

I gave him a nice lunging session which was, as always, perfect. He is such a gentleman and so responsive, it's a pleasure to stand in the center of the circle and just watch him go.

Carrots all around finished up the evening. The weather was gorgeous. The day had warmed up to the 60's and there was a light breeze blowing. The only downside was that there were a few insects--maybe some kind of gnats--buzzing around to be annoying now and then if the breeze stilled. Those six legged critters are the big downside of the nice weather.

I am happy as can be with my Three Boys.


  1. Lovely post, J.
    You shoudl ask Kenny Barlo to teach Toby to come on cue. I used John Lyons RP techniques to teach Linda to come to me on cue... Very handy.

    Chance is a baby, he needs teh attention :)

  2. What a lovely positive positive post! Happy for you.