Thursday, May 01, 2008

Oh Well

Too Worn Out

I have been playing "cart teacher" in school this week as my classroom is being used for testing. As a result, I have to take all the materials I need to teach class to another room on a cart. Inevitably, at some point I have forgotten something and then need to go back to my own classroom, a good hike away.

Then, the teachers (substitutes) running the testing programs do not have keys to my room ( a computer lab) or the lab next door, so I need to keep tabs on locking the doors when they are at lunch or done for the day.

My knees were not happy today and I was worn out by the time I got home.

Do you hear an excuse coming? Fact is, I didn't ride. Top it off that it was choir rehearsal night too so I would have been a little pressed for time.

The Boys didn't mind. When I came home from rehearsal, they were happily munching on the hay I'd left under the apple tree at the gate by the house. I gave them a fresh stock to keep them content along with some cuddles. I'll go out for late night feed a little earlier than usual, so I can get to bed.

Plan A is to get up an hour early so I can take my truck back to the inspection station as soon as it opens and hopefully get it passed. The battery had gone dead over the winter when I wasn't using the truck and the engine computer had gone "off line" so that it all failed the emissions testing. The inspectors could not get a reading. They told me to drive the truck for at least 150 miles to reset the computer system. Now that I have done that, I certainly hope all is well.

Now all I have to do is roll out of bed at the crack of dawn......If I don't make it, I will try to get there after school. Or week.


  1. If I were you, I would not worry about not riding. All the clinicians you work with say that your horses are well trained.
    So you are on the right track.

    My knees have been really achy for the last week. I wondered why, I realise I changed my shoes!
    I usually wear johpur boots. I guess the sole for ridng must be stabilisating my legs. Now taht I wear "normal" shoes, my knees are in real pain!

  2. A day or two off here and there won't hurt them.