Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Another Good Day

Tuck on the Trot

I trotted Tucker for a few strides around me on the lawn and he looked sound. As he still is unshod, I am not planning on riding him, and he will have to stay in his little pen. He is not particularly happy about that, but is also not behaving badly.

Tomorrow morning, Dr. Klayman is coming to do the second round of annual vaccines. I had a call from Dr. Dante on my answering system asking how Tuck was and telling me Dr. Klayman would look him over when he was here so Dr. Dante would get the report that way. What a great veterinary group they are! They really do care about both patient and owner. I have already written a note to leave since I will be at school when the vet comes. I need to add to it that if Dr. Klayman wants to take off the wrap and look at his hoof, that's fine, especially because I will be home before one since we are going to the Patrice Edwards clinic in the afternoon. I can easily rebandage it then.

With Tuck happily mowing my back lawn, I rode Chance. He is progressing rapidly with the basics of "on the bit." The head tossing is decreasing and today, for the first time, when I asked for canter, he actually managed most of the work with his head down to the bit. His right lead is still a little quick but even than is really improving. The left lead has a soft, relaxed feel to it that tells me he is going to have really good canter work as time goes on.

I have to wonder if the man who started him as a three year old might have done some canter schooling. Otherwise, I am truly an amazing trainer myself, because already Chance is taking both the gait and the lead from a very light, single leg cue. He needs a little help in positioning to take the right lead, but it really is no problem at all. I have never really had a problem getting the horses I have trained or ridden to take the correct leads, so it might just be my understanding of the aids and the way the horse needs to be going to take the asked for lead.

I did not work Toby because Stacie came over after work to ride him. When I spoke to her tonight she said she had a good ride. The right lead canter was much better for her, so that's a big plus. Tomorrow's work with Patrice should be a great help.

So once again, another good day at Follywoods.

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  1. glad tuck is improving - looking forward to the clinic report. no doubt it will be much better than mine the other week - hopeless! although i think it's easier for a participant than a spectator..