Friday, May 02, 2008

Panic Attack!!

Called the Vet

When I came home after successfully getting the truck inspected, I called the Boys in for supper and Tucker did not come.

I fed Chance and Toby and called Tuck again. His stomach finally won and he came hobbling, all twisted into horrible contortions, with his hind end totally uncoordinated. It was a really scary sight.

He made it to the stall and his feed, and I, after a quick exam of his hind legs, headed for the phone to call my vet. Luckily he was still on the road and not too far away so he said he'd come out tonight. I was not expecting that, but I was quite happy about it.

By then, whatever was going on with the rest of his body, Tucker seemed to have decided the pain was in the right front. He was pointing it seriously and really looked uncomfortable. His fetlock was hot and swollen, and I felt some heat in his foot. I was pretty suspicious it might be a hoof abscess but he was in such pain, I didn't call my vet back to cancel the visit.

Sure enough, thank goodness, Tuck seemed to test sound in his ankle and joints, and really reacted painfully to the hoof testers. Off came the shoe...Scott will love that...and Dr. Klayman did a bit of probing but didn't find a track, despite finding one very reactive spot near the inside of Tucker's toe. Whew!! Painful for sure, but a relief that it was not likely something more serious.

So, Tuck will stay in, have his hoof soaked, his front legs wrapped in standing bandages, an Icthammol poultice on his foot and bute for the pain.

I may have overreacted having Dr. Klayman out, but he said he was already kind of in the area. Still, I do feel bad since he was next heading out for a colic. Then again, Tuck was so lame, it might well have been something really critical.

Hopefully things will improve over the weekend. If not, Dr. Klayman will want to look at him again and x rays might be in order.

I've given Tuck his Bute and I'll be going back out shortly to soak and wrap.

Obviously, the riding was short circuited by the medical "emergency."


  1. ooh dear. don't feel bad about the vet, it's better to be safe than sorry with something so sudden and so severe.


  2. oh dear. ony just catching up here. i've read tomorrow's as well. but the vet was clearly needed! hope the colic case was ok as well!

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