Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Discretion is the Better Part of Valor

And Tuck Takes Off

I had decided to lunge Tucker, mostly to see how sound he was. As it turned out, it was the wiser choice.

First, he looked fine. Maybe a little step or two not quite right, but mostly a good sound, striding out trot. That is, until Toby and Chance decided to some storming in from the pasture. Top speed, they charged through the other side of the arena, then to the paddock, leaping and careening madly.

Thank heavens I wasn't in the saddle. Even on his best days, Tucker could not have ignored the rioting pair. He leaped, bucked, galloped, and generally ripped around me--remarkably not pulling the line out of my hands. The nonsense continued for about five minutes with a few later episodes when Chance decided to leap about some more.

It was cool and windy, so I suppose there was some excuse. The good news is that Tucker did look good.

At that point I decided not to ride anybody but to rather spend the rest of my time lunging. Both Toby and Chance were good boys, I am happy to report, although Chance was kind of excited to start off with and cantered off instead of trotting to the right. At least he took the proper lead.

All in all, everyone, including me, got a good exercise session.

Erratic weather is here today (Tuesday) so I may be stuck, and the rest of the week does not bode much better.

I'll do what I can, but being soggy, cold, and miserable is not my idea of a fine Spring riding session.


  1. So please to hear that Tucker is fine ..^-^

    Good work-out for you too. I love lungeing just for that ...

    Rain, rain, rain and storms ... but teh rain is too strong, it floods everything runs accross teh land, but does NOT get in ...

    Oh well better than nothing.
    All the week like this since last saturday ...

  2. Bet your pleased you werent on him..i suppose its excusable with him being out of work for a while Polo still gets like that even on 24hr turn out!

  3. "being soggy, cold, and miserable is not my idea of a fine Spring riding session."

    nOR MINE!