Friday, October 05, 2007

Still Hot....

...But a Little Less Humid Today

Still. I am trashed. The kids at school are getting restless too. When I put the fans on to get the air moving in the classroom, I have to talk extra loud to be heard over them. By the end of the day, my throat was sore. It's just not a fun beginning to the school year!

However, exciting news grows out of some sad news.

Second Wind Adoption, the horse rescue/adoption group from which I adopted Tucker and Chance is having some serious problems and is probably going to shut down. This is very sad because they do super work saving horses and placing them in good homes.

However, out of this came my big decision to offer to buy Chance outright as I have already done with Tucker. While I still am obligated to sign a "Safe Sale" contract which gaurantees my horses certain protections should I ever decide to sell them---fat chance of that every happening!!!--once I buy, Chance will really be mine.

The key is that my Boys will really be MY Boys for all and good. Tucker has been mine now for about two years, so it will be grand really owning Chance as well. I am so excited, and so pleased.

My Russell and my PJ stayed with me until the last day of their lives, and I cherished having them in my care even after their riding days were over. As long as I am able, my horses will have a home with me, and I have provided care for them should anything happen to me as well.

Chance is a wonderful little guy with a great personality. He deserves a real home and a real owner. I am pleased as I can be to truly become his owner now.

I hope Crossed Sabers/SWAP finds a way to stay open to keep up the important work, but in the meantime, one of more of their horses is safe and well in my keeping.

Wish I had room for more.


  1. Congratulations..I hope it works out for you taking full ownership...

  2. Great idea to take rescued horses. I did not know that Chance and Tucker were from a rescue centre.

    Very hot here too, lost of midges and flies Yerck !

  3. jean, shame about the horse rescue place, but good that you'll own chance!

    when i read about his breeding I was surprised he needed rescuing, but then you never know what's going to go wrong...