Friday, October 12, 2007

And the Rain Came

In a Torrential Downpour

Yesterday, the heat and drought broke in spectacular fashion.

The parking lot at school was under about four inches of water when I left school. I had to go to the feed store to get grain and I drove through a good number of road floods on the way. The heaviest rain seemed to have been centered around the town where I teach and probably, since I live about 6 miles away, my house as well. At least it looked that way once I finally got home.

Needless to say, I didn't ride.

And I didn't ride tonight either. It was windy most of the day which dried the worst of the water from my riding arena, so I really didn't have an excuses. I did some shopping after school and the traffic was horrendous. I have no idea if it was the Friday flight to freedom, or if something else was afoot. Either way, the roads were packed.

Now that I'm home, the tired feeling is creeping in. I also think I am getting a little sore throat so I am suspicious I may be fighting off some kind of germ. I did have problems with my neck/head earlier in the week and it adds to the plot.

I will take all my "kill the germs before they get me" remedies, get to bed early, and then enjoy the cool weather for the weekend.

The local saddle shop is hosting "Radar" the world's largest horse:

I'm sure the girl is short, but Radar is 19.3 hands, so he's one big dude. The picture came from: and Radar is owned by Priefert Ranch equipment. They made most of the gates I have in my fencing.

I will take my camera to see if I can get some pictures of the big guy. Maybe if I show them to Tucker it will take him down another notch or two. He needs to get his own size into perspective. *lol*


  1. It is better not to ride that to ride badly IMO.

    We had a downpour last weekend. this weekend is very shiny. But teh temperatures are dropping slowly.

    Radar looks HUGE. I will be worried if that horse has a tantrum ...

  2. He's obviously a Shire in origin from his shape and his feather, but Shire's don't come in Palomino in this country! He's an extraordinary horse!!


  3. Well, having another look he doesn't actually have much feather so now I'm wondering if he's a Suffolk bred up in size or a Suffolk/Shire cross.

  4. hell of a horse, whatever is breeding!

  5. the website says he's Belgian Draft born in Iowa