Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Day Off and a Barn Wrecking

The Wrecking Crew: Toby and Tucker

So I woke up not feeling well at all. Kind of a migraine thing with an upset stomach.

When I went out to feed, I guess I either got distracted by my stray kitty or simply fogged out. I left a stall door open and the gate into the feed room.

Big mistake.

With Tucker most probably in the lead, there was a feed room raid. Someone who shall go nameless climbed the one step in so he could reach one of the feed cans, opened it and pulled out the bag of sweet feed. This ended up all over the feed room floor and all over the aisle of the barn.

When I went out around 1 PM or so on my way to the chiropractor, I saw the tack room door still open and realized what I had done. In short order I went in the barn to find Toby and Tucker happily standing in the barn aisle in several piles of manure all nicely trampled, the feed scattered about, the bag lying by the door with about a quarter of the feed still in it, and the garbage can tipped over.

The only reason I will not accuse Chance of participating is because the blankets were not dragged all over the place as well. This was a much more focused attack. *G*

Ah, well. I actually managed to save about half the feed which I am only using now to encourage Toby to eat his ulcer medicine. It didn't look as if the Boys actually ate a lot of it. When I cleaned it up the pile was pretty substantial. Still, I did cut their evening feed a bit to compensate.

Chance was standing all alone in the riding arena, just basking in the sun, looking totally innocent.

Sometimes I do wonder if he is happy about things. He does seem a cheery sort, but he can be totally intimidated by the two older horses. Often they are together and he is off by himself.

Then again, I just as often see him playing with Tucker and sometimes even see one of the others off in another section of paddock while Chance is hanging out with someone. It is a strange little herd that way.

When I take either Toby or Tucker off the property, Chance is then buddy with the remaining horse, so there really isn't any major antagonism, and he seems perfectly content when he is by himself.

Hopefully, he likes it here. I know I like having him!


  1. They raided food and didn't EAT it? Good grief, are they well :-) ??

  2. Well fed, I guess. They ate some, but not all. I have content horses, sort of.......*sigh* And they are Thoroughbreds. All the TB's I've had have been slightly picky eaters who are just as happy to leave food as clean it all up, thank goodness.

  3. Raiders of the Lost Ark....

  4. nice one james...

  5. HeHe naughty boys..but fancy not eating it all!
    Polo used to get into our store room at an old yard it was long,dark and narrow so he had to back up to get out (err he's meant to be claustrophobic)Anyway one time we had cans of orange pop in there and Polo bit through them all ..he does love oranges!