Monday, October 08, 2007

Shoeless Wonder

At Least Toby Had Shoes

Tucker had all his shoes this morning, but by the time I was ready to leave for the clinic, he'd lost a front one.

So, Toby took his place as lesson horse. We had a great time. Patrice said he was really sweet and a great lesson horse for me. We worked on some very subtle details of using my seat. I need to drop my legs making my hip joint and muscles very flexible as well as making my ankles super flexible to help make up for the stiffness and limits I have with my two bad knees.

Then too we worked on getting good shoulder in position by some equally subtle and well placed positioning of my own body. The concept was basically to move from square into position right or left and getting Toby to move with me taking two steps to either the right or left with his front legs while his hind end stayed perfectly square. From that exercise, correct shoulder-in just flowed along without any lateral "slippage" behind.

Sound confusing? I said it was subtle. The great thing about riding Toby for things like this is that he is super sensitive to the aids--not to run off hysterically--but just to move his body any which way you ask. So, if I ask wrong, he is quick to do the wrong thing. Too much leg or seat on one side--and too much might be just the slightest shift--and he will move his body to the side exactly where you unintentionally tell him to.

Because he is so honest and responsive, he "insists" that his rider be equally honest. Sit just right and all goes well.

Patrice said the ideal situation would for me to take two lessons--one on Toby and one on Tucker. Too darn expensive for my budget.

The downer was that it was hot and miserable again today. 87 F+, and I'd wager it was 90 F at one point. The horses are starting to grow their winter coats--more a function of the changes in day length than temperature--so they are feeling the heat too.

Had teacher's workshops in school today. Mine was in the lab next door to my room, so no air conditioning, 31 teachers, 31 computers on, three big fans going and it was very unpleasant in the room. And I was only there for the morning session! Can't imagine how bad it got by afternoon.


  1. That's the trouble with shoes :-(

    Toby sounds like a perfect advanced schoolmaster. Quick to react to the wrong aid, so that you know you got it wrong. I'm glad you had a good lesson but I guess I'm not alone in being keen to know how the ulcer meds would have changed Tucker's attitude.


  2. Toby sounds liek an ACE!
    Great schoolmaster!

    Did you train him from scratch too? have you bought him from the rescue centre?

    For an old guy, he is very good :-)

  3. can i borrow him?....

  4. I agree with everyone he sounds lovely..have we seen any pics of him???hint hint;)