Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Have I Said This Before?

Another Hot Day???

Yep. Only this time I was in another classroom for the day as my room/computer lab was being used for student achievement tests.

This room had real windows and a breeze! What it did was assure me I am not crazy in claiming to be in a hotter room than almost every other academic teacher. When I went back to my room to do some work, I was roasting again.

Though I did manage to get one of the kind, handsome computer techs in there with me to try to figure out why one of the educational programs we are supposed to be using just wasn't working right. Since I am supposed to be the teacher program expert on this software, it was rather important that I learn some of the ins and outs. What we did learn was that the program will not work if any of the popup blockers are functioning. This was a useful lesson which now nearly sets me on full track to mastering the program. I just need a few days of working it.

Back at home, after a chiropractic adjustment, I suddenly remembered I had to go to a Township Council meeting to witness the passage of an important zoning ordinance designed to help protect some of our rural residents from industrial development. That cut short my plans to ride in the early evening when it sort of started to cool off.

I say "sort of" because it is now nearly 10 PM and I've just come in from lunging Tucker and both he and I are pretty sweated up. The temperature may have dropped below 70 F, but the humidity is so high it's still summer weather and pretty miserable. There is a weather front coming in later, perhaps around midnight with rain and the heat should break.

But, it looks like it is going to rain the rest of the week, let up to showers for a while and then continue on into next week. So now, it will be cool and soggy.

This is really frustrating because Chance is finally sound again and Tucker is on the verge of some exciting training breakthroughs, and I may be washed out.

Then again, when I have been absolutely determined in the past, I have ridden in the rain, so one never knows when and how the motivation might strike me.

Tucker lunged with a nice foward trot and an occasionally "silly" canter as he leapt away from some invisible night monsters in the bushes and the woods. He was nice and forward without much urging on my part and gave me some good work. I think I lunged him for about 20 minutes all told, but I lost track when he took off into a bucking spree a few times. He never really challenged the line, though, so I was easily able to hold him, something which has not always been the case.

He has been extremely affectionate lately and I really think he is trying to tell me he feels good and is happy with himself.

I lunged Chance just long enough to see if he was limping, and he looked great. No more soaking and wrapping. I just put some zinc oxide ointment on the coronary band at his heel where the abscess broke and set him free.

Toby didn't seem interested in lunging, so he had the night off.

All seems peaceful, well and quiet at Follywoods.


  1. Warm?
    We have some RAIN! after almost a year rainless except the oddd violent thunderstorm. It is raining .. for the next three days and it is cold ...
    Waiting for the snow now :-(

  2. swop you some of that weather

    what was the result of the vote?

    and do you not have laws on max temperatures to work in? put up a thermometer and take readings every day .. then you'll have evidence.

    also, if you're full of ocmputers, the heat sinks from those will be adding to the tempereatures....

  3. The ordinance did pass right?