Saturday, October 27, 2007

Rain Again....

...Just as Predicted

And really too much rain to ride in, especially since it was pretty cool out and the rain cold.

So, I stayed in and did some sewing, something I haven't done for years. I picked up a new sewing machine on sale at Kohls, and decided at last I was going to update my Halloween costume.

I bought some gold sparkly fabric last year for an overdress over the base black gown and some shiny black fabric to make a new cape--since I have somehow lost the old cape I had. (I will probably find in in a month or so now that the replacement is done or almost done.)

I made the overdress and most of the cape all in one evening. Since I hate to cut the fabric and lay a pattern, this was a major accomplishment. Now, mind you, the finishing details are not the high quality needed for real clothes, so it's a lot simpler sewing. I still have a few more bits to finish on the cape--which includes a hood lined with the gold fabric--only because I was interrupted by a phone call that used up an hour and a half of the evening. (The guy friend I invited to come to the Halloweeen party with me.)

Since it's still supposed to be raining tomorrow morning, I'll have plenty of time to complete my costume extravaganza. Maybe I can get someone to take a picture of me in it so you all can see.
In the meantime, just imagine a witch in black and gold.

I used to dress up for school and may still do a modified costume as the morning announcements say, "Halloween, NO COSTUMES!" What a bummer.

Addendum: Saturday Morning
Got up to rain, rain and more rain, but even worse, now it's warm out. I don't have any super lightweight waterproof sheets for the Boys either, so they are still in the ones that are going to be too warm as the day progresses. I have having them get all wet when it's like this and they don't always stay under the shelters.

It just feels more like the tropics out there than I care to think about. Good news is that it's supposed to let up by afternoon, so maybe I can undress them then.



  1. URGHGHGHG Warm AND wet - yuk!


  2. i think you're right caroline - i'd rather have the frost we had last week!