Sunday, October 14, 2007


Chance Was Lame Again

I was going to take Chance out on a trail ride today, but as we walked across the arena to the gate, he took a bad step. I tried a little trot and he was definitely lame.

Then I went back into the barn, picked his feet out to see if there was a stone lodged in there or something I could see, found nothing except.....MAYBE, just MAYBE some heat in his right front foot near the inside. When I lunged him it was the right front he was lame on, so it would make sense. Since I can't find anything else, I am now suspicious he may have a bruise or an abscess.

Of course, it could also be something else. I think it's in the foot though. I will wait a few more days before doing any thing about it to see if heat becomes obvious. OR if he goes sound again. frustrating. Every time I start to get him going, something else interferes. He really did want to go out on the trail despite his problem, so it's not too painful.

I recall early on with Tucker, when he was barefoot, having this happen a few times. Nothing every quite showed up, and no abscess ever broke, but he was off. Then, of course we did have the big layoff because of a very, very hidden abscess with him that took months to resolve itself. So, right now, I am inclined to just wait and see.

Meanwhile, I worked Tucker in the ring for a short school. He was again a really good boy with no fuss or bother. When I was done, I took him out in the woods for a hack. Lovely time for 3/4 of the ride, aside from one big spook at a noise in the trees. Then, on the way back, a fallen white birch tree stopped him in his tracks--I think. It was the only unusual thing I saw, anyhow. We had a bit of a balk, a spin, a refuse to turn, a temper pawing, but at no time did I ever feel he was going to rear, buck or run. After much repeated insisting on my part, and some reassuring pats, we finally tiptoed past the strange tree and managed to head back up the trail to the barn. One more light bark fallen tree made him dance a little around it, but no big deal.

I gave Toby a short school in the ring too and then went out on the middle distance trail throught the woods. He was, as always a really good boy. We took a little detour on the way home and came back in through the pasture gate rather than the ring gate just for variety--well, it was Toby's idea. That did confuse Tucker and Chance who were waiting at the ring for us to come back. I did like the surprised looks on their faces.

Once I fed the Boys, hitched the drag up to the tractor and dragged the ring, some of the pasture and part of the paddocks. Then, I finished up the evening by cleaning the wiring connector to the trailer and checking to see that all the lights were working properly.

I have a riding lesson at 8:30 or 9:30 PM on Tuesday, so I needed to be sure all the lights were working OK.

Looks good. I am excited to see how Tucker behaves in a lesson situation. I am hoping he is a good boy because my plan calls for moving him up to 3rd level next season.

The big thing we are going to have to learn is the flying change.


  1. Oh I am sorry for Chance. Morgan has just had an overnight change when he was shod last saturday, I have now a cantering, bucking horse ;-O!

    Maybe Chance will be more comffy in shoes???

    Good for Tucker, I can really imagine him, having a pawing temper ...;-D

    Great Tobby !

  2. well of course the horse eating tree was going to be out to get him, since it wasn't there last time...

    but what a massive improvement. has to be the ulcer medication, that's all you've changed...

  3. Bummer re Chance :( hope it resolves itself quickly!He sounds like AliG and actually has a work ethic.

    Tucker sounds like a reformed character..cant wait to hear how the lesson goes!:)