Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda

No Horse News Today

I came home from school, fed the Boys and shortly thereafter headed back to East Brunswick to the Barnes and Noble Store for an Educators' Open House.

I had reserved a spot a month ago. The store was offering 25% off on all books to teachers, 10% off DVD's and music, a book talk, and two authors' talks. Along with that I also earned 2 hours of professional development credit and a chance at raffle prizes.

It was a lot of fun. Robin Friedman, who is a New Jersey author, read from her book, The Girlfriend Project, a novel written for teenagers, so it's suitable for my students. I bought a copy to read and had her autograph it, which is kind of cool. The other authors were a husband and wife team who wrote children's books. We did some singalongs with them.

I won one of the raffles and got a nice tote bag with some books I can give to my students after I read them.

All in all, after I did some shopping, it was a nice evening.

But, I didn't ride.

That's OK. I have my lesson tonight.


  1. we all have to do CPD, but not usually in such good surroundings!

  2. Nice evening though, sounds like you had your good luck rolling!