Saturday, March 26, 2011

Up To New York

Just Back Two Hours Ago

I drove up to New York to do an Ansur saddle demo today.  I'm not sure if I sold the saddles but there were certainly some very interesting results.

One lovely Morgan mare picked up her canter on first asking when she was ridden in the Ansur treeless saddles. Apparently, she tends to run into the departs--which she did when her owner rode her in the treed saddle today. In the Ansurs, both the Excel and Classic, she cantered right off.  Very interesting, as noted. I've heard of this reaction before, but it was my first time seeing it.

The other horse shows some evidence of being cold backed in that he threatens to and then does buck when he first moves off under saddle.  Today, in the Excel, he made one little "bouncy" step with his hind end, and then settled into some lovely trot work.  However, when we tried the Westernaire, treeless western saddle on him, he was not a happy camper. I saw all the bad moves he was prepared to make and we cut that demo ride short.  It could be that he does not like the saddle pressure in the back as the western saddle does cover more back area than the English. Because then, we tried two other Ansur English models on him--the Elite jumping saddle, and the Carlton all-purpose--and he was absolutely fine. As a matter of fact, he was so good that his owner actually cantered him--something she has done only once in the time she's owned him.  She said she just felt so secure and he felt so relaxed, she had to try.  He had a lovely canter as well, with good balance for a horse you'd suspect was green. Cool!!

It would be nice if these clients bought Ansurs, as I really think both horses were much happier in the treeless saddles. But, it's a big expense and a decision most people need to consider for a day or so.  Either way, it was very rewarding to see significant changes in the horses from the saddles.  I love when that happens.  I've been riding in an Ansur for over ten years myself, so I firmly believe in both the concept of treeless saddles and in the product, so I enjoy representing the company.

It was a long day--a bit over 2 hours of driving each way and several hours at the stable--but I enjoyed myself.

And as you may well guess, the Boys had another day off because of it.


  1. Interesting the way the horses acted with the treeless saddles. It all sounds good. I hope they take the saddles because they seemed to work so well for their horses.

    You had a long day I'll bet with all that driving and time at the stable with demonstrations you'll sleep well tonight!

  2. It must be nice to go different places and to meet new people. I now that I would enjoy it ^-^

    Who looked after the boys and the cats?