Monday, March 14, 2011

Busy Doing Nothing

Well, I Did Do Something

Nothing horsey today.  I went to school to deliver a DVD to the performing arts teacher and found myself spending a lot more time there than I'd anticipated.

The department is going to be performing Shakespeare's a Comedy of Errors this year. The students and teacher wanted me to see the set. It recreates a town with all kinds of doors and windows through which actors can both perform and enter/exit. As I recall from the last time I saw the play, it's a real laugh riot with mistaken identities and crazy entrances and exits where people just miss each other, so the timing has to be perfect.

The department did A Midsummer Night's Dream last year and it was one of the best productions of the play I have ever seen and I've seen that one many times. I am really looking forward to this show.

Which leads me to the rather long prop and "needs" list the production has. In my previous theater experience, I spent a great deal of time seeking out and making props and stage pieces, so I have plenty of experience. I found a bunch of things already useful here at my house and when I go to the saddle/feed store on Wednesday to shop the sale, I will go to the wonderful "used item" store in the same lot.  I haven't been in there in a while, so it will be a ton of fun to look for props and items the theater can use. It's just the kind of shopping mission I love!

It was supposed to warm up today, but it never quite did. The sun popped in and out a few times, but mostly out. While nothing actually stopped me from riding or working the horses, my own "tired of being cold" gene kicked in and I just couldn't bring myself to go out.

But, since I count the trip to school as something accomplished, it will do for the day.


  1. Doing something for the school counts in my book as an accomplishment. Finding material for the props should be fun.

    It was cold here today too and we had a little snow flurry. Nothing stuck to the ground but it was annoying to say the least.

  2. It actually sounds like a fun day. You know a lot about these plays and have something to contribute. Today was colder here too than I expected but soon it will be too hot so I had better not complain too much.