Sunday, March 27, 2011



I was having some back pain last week, so, very cleverly, I went to the chiropractor to get adjusted. Apparently my pelvis was very "out" and it threw the rest of my back out.  My chiro--with a stern lecture of course--adjusted me and I felt fine. He did tell me I needed to go back the next week.

I was great on Thursday, great on Friday, fine all night. Then I got up Saturday, the morning was I driving up to NY for the saddle demo and....somewhere along the way as I was feeding the horses, or loading the car...something went back out of place. Sharp pain through the muscles in my middle back on the right side.

So, there I was, facing a long drive with major back pain and a saddle demo to do.

Been there, done I was able to cope.  I took some Tylenol and managed to get through the day without screaming in pain.  Just a bunch of "ouches."

Of course, unless I set up an emergency appointment, the chiro office is closed on Sunday. This morning, I took some Ibuprophen, put my back brace on, gritted my teeth, fed the Boys and headed off for church.  Not sure if it was the back brace or the painkillers, but something helped enough that I've made it through the morning OK.

I just unloaded all but the Western saddle from the car, and I'm feeling some twinges again, so I've taken another dose of Ibuprophen--seems to work better on muscles than Tylenol.  I'm not feeling up to riding, so I still have not tried this Westernaire myself.  I need to ship it to Ohio for the beginning of next week, so I have a day or so yet to test ride in it before I have to send it off.  Right now, I'm not sure I could lift it up to Chance's back.

Please note, I said Chance here. I am not about to try it on Tucker. Not only is he too tall (17h), but he's already been ridden in a western saddle and since I'm not quite as secure in one, I'd rather not experience that. I'll opt for "steady Eddie" Chance on this one.  I did rig up the billets (cinch straps) from my own Wintec onto the Ansur for now.  They will work for a test ride. The Ansur should have had nice leather ones, but there was a mix up  when the saddle was shipped to me without them attached.

But, as I've said, that's not on the agenda for today.



  1. Ibuprofen is best if you take it consistently for a while. It has a cumulative anti-inflammatory effect. Take with food, or a glass of milk. (It would take way too long to recount how experienced we are with this stuff, and why).
    Hope you feel better quickly.

  2. Anonymous2:36 PM

    Ouch indeed! As a long-term sufferer with back pain, my sympathies. I could support the stock price of the manufacturer of Advil by myself, I think.

  3. Ouch - I hope you can get to the chiro Monday and get all fixed so you can try out the saddle. How frustrating to get held up by our bodies but that's the way it is now that we are "mature".

  4. I hope you feel better soon. Back pain is no fun at all. I quite agree that Ibuprofen is really the best drug for that type of pain. Oddly enough, I did something to the middle of my back this week, too. I've found hot epsom salt baths to be quite nice!

  5. Yikes, that's not good. Hope you can get a chiro apt. tomorrow and then be able to try that saddle out. It sounds like it would be a fun ride. Feel better.

  6. Nice relaxing hot bath is my medecine with ibuprofen.
    sending (((((((((((healing hugs))))))))))))))) you will get better soon, but don't you think about riding Woman!!!!
    Your chiro is going to be mad LOL!

  7. Yowza. I have only once (knock on wood) gotten such severe back pain (from what, I never knew) that I thought something else was terribly wrong. i was pretty much unable to move for days. hope yours gets better soon!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  8. ah, back pain .. i was with you today .... after the lifting/carrying of the weekend! you have my sympathies...

  9. Take this from someone who's had back surgery: core strength- build some. It makes a HUGE difference. Everyone hates crunches and sit-ups but you just have to do them if you have a lot of back pain.

    I'm test riding an Ansur tomorrow. I really hope I like it!

  10. ugh!! I hop you have seen the chiro by now and are feeling a bit better again. Man, I sure do feel for you, that slooooow progress of letting things heal when there is just so much to do.
    Thinking of you!