Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Day Gone By

Morning in Church, Afternoon at a Saddle Demo

Church got out late, so we all kind of rushed to the eatery to have lunch.

Then I had an afternoon Ansur saddle demo. Lovely little Peruvian Paso mare. But what a sad story for her "mom."  Her house burned down just over two weeks ago and she lost her Ansur Classic in the fire.

The good thing is that I think both she and her horse fell in love with the Excel dressage saddle. Hopefully, she'll be able to buy one. Right now, she has no saddle at all to ride in.

And the weather is starting to tease us all by getting nicer each day. Although, when I got home from the demo, it had cooled off considerably and the breeze had picked up.  I opted out of working my Boys at that point. Instead, I fed them and came inside to snuggle up in my fuzzy bathrobe to warm up.

So, Sunday slipped by, not unpleasantly, but with little accomplished on my plan to get all three Boys somewhat fit.

There's time yet. Patience is the key.


  1. Ha! I was just thinking the same thing today. Patience is a virtue. Spring always teases, nice weather one day, then bad. Never consistent. I suppose it's a nice holiday for the horses. Nobody was ever hurt from going slow.

  2. Good expression Spring teases!
    So true. It is warm, it is hot, then it will freeze overnight O_o

    But I love Spring and Autumn. I do not like winter and summer were the temperatures are too harsh to have much fun outdoors.

  3. Doesn't sound like a bad day at all. Spring will get here eventually and the boys will get fit. Believe it or not right now we're having snow showers this morning. It won't last but...annoying.

  4. agree about spring!