Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Thanks All

Back is Much Better

Wednesday morning, and I have not yet ridden. I did not want to jar my back after the adjustment Monday morning. So far, so good.

All your advice and good wishes are well taken and appreciated. As some of you noted, a good part of the equation is that I am not exercising as much as I should. The winter did not help--although clearing snow was quite physical. *lol*  But then I got that respiratory thing in December that lingered through January and it didn't help.

What I need to do is start swimming again. But, I have been a coward about that, mostly because it has stayed cold outside. I took my swimming gear to school the other day when I subbed, and chickened out by the end of the day. The thought of jumping into the pool itself was not bad, but the thought of going back outside afterwards into the cold--even though I'd dried off--just chilled me to the bone. (I'd been kind of cold all day even though I was inside the school.)

Miserable weather looms again in the forecast, with the possibility of snow Thursday night....although we are on the rainy side of the storm that's hitting the Northeast. This is the winter that never ends.

And it's been the unhealthiest winter I've known in a while as well. I just found out from the woman who had the Ansur demo that her husband actually had pneumonia that day! He is on the mend, thank goodness, but he is at least the third or fourth person I know who suffered from it this year.  That does not include anyone from school, either, so my list of people is much shorter to start off with than it's been in years past. Nearly everyone in my church choir has been sick--we kind of joke about "passing it around along with the Peace," so we don't shake hands Sunday mornings--and several of my other friends and relatives have been ill too. I don't quite remember hearing this from so many people.

OK, health report over for now.

I may go out to ride later today. If so, I will post again.


  1. It's hard to fit exercise in when it's miserable outside. :-( Hope things work out for you.

  2. Anonymous11:27 AM

    Hope the back continues to improve - swimming is the best. I can't swim - ear problem - so I walk instead which also helps a lot.

  3. This officially goes down as one of the worst winters I can remember. Everyone was sick and the cold just makes it all seem worse.

    Hope your back continues to feel good. Have a lovely ride if you go out.

  4. So glad your back is feeling better. That affects one's attitude so much. If only we could figure out how to prevent these aches and pains. By the way, I don't consider shoveling snow good exercise - mostly it creates sore backs, in my experience. So wish you coud send some snow our way. It's been so dry!