Monday, March 07, 2011

Sunny Days and Wheelbarrows

Ups and Downs Of March

If there's one truth about March, it's that the month never can quite make up its mind weatherwise. One day Spring arrives in full force with sunshine and warmth, the next a cold wet rainstorm soaks the ground, and then the next, in rolls the cold wind and Winter takes another bow.

But I trudge ever on, taking care of the Boys and on a never ending quest for bargains.  That's where the wheelbarrow comes in. My old barrow was a Christmas gift from my Dad at least 20 years ago. It's still in really good shape aside from the tire.  I replaced the air filled tire with a "never flat" one several years ago and all was well until the ball bearings in the hub cracked, and the wheel stopped free spinning on the axle.  I found some replacement parts on line for a another brand of wheelbarrow that may fit and they are inexpensive enough to be worth a try, but what to do in the meantime?  A new tire/wheel assembly was in order.

Off I went to the local lumber store where I'd gotten the first no flat wheel. Found a new one for a hefty price, but my wheelbarrow is worth it.  There was a brand new wheelbarrow out front with a larger capacity than the one I have, so I asked the price.  Well, bust my buttons, but it came in at $54.99 only because they couldn't find the price in their list so they used the price of the smaller model.  Cool!! That was a deal. Who can pass up a deal?  I bought the new one and the wheel for the old one--right about the same price--and headed off, a happy camper with a new toy.

Plan: If I can fix the old wheel with the replacement parts, I can then put the new wheel on the new wheelbarrow and have two fully operating wheelbarrows!  That leaves the third barrow in the garage. It's a big one with two wheels on it.  Some people love them.  I don't. I simply can't maneuver the two wheeled model well enough. It's more stable, that's for sure, but awkward.

But, that's not what the guy I met at the feed store said. He wants a two wheeler. He gave me his phone number and perhaps he'll buy mine. We'll see.

Meanwhile, the Boys are staying out of trouble for the time being.  Sunday, the sunny, warm day inspired Tucker to take a nap while Chance scanned the skyline for predators.  Toby stayed in the shadows of the barn eating hay, so I didn't get a picture of him.  Then, of course, Chance headed towards me for his close up.

I was nice to see the Boys without their blanket or sheets.


  1. Anonymous7:34 PM

    Love the pictures - all look happy and content that the snow is finally fading away.

  2. Gosh Jean, they look like broodmares ^-^ LOL When do they foal?

    Perhaps a bit of diet?

  3. They have been on half rations all winter. *sigh*

  4. I love the pictures of your boys relaxing. They look so happy and contented.

  5. they've certainly done well for themselves over the winter

    looking good in the sun, with no mud about!

    i agree about two wheel wheelbarrows - but worth it if you've got several to do as saves several trips....