Monday, June 02, 2008

Under the Weather

Me and the Weather

Saturday had predicted thunderstorms all day. After running a bunch of errands in the morning, I came home, lay down for a few minutes, fell asleep and missed the daylight. Then it was raining, so no horsie stuff.

Sunday I drove out for a saddle demo at a long time friend's house, came home, fed the Boys, lay down for a bit and fell asleep and missed the daylight....again....nice day too.

I think I must have had a bug or something. Feeling much perkier today. Of course, it's getting warmer out, so riding will be even more exhausting. Still, I have a lesson on Saturday...maybe, do I'd better tune up.

Be back later with the report.


  1. Thats a sure sign when all you want to do is sleep.......hope your feeling better and can get back in the saddle.

  2. well, i was right to be worried about your absence then ... sleeping like that is a sure sign of the body being not right!