Thursday, June 26, 2008

So I Didn't


OK, first day of the summer vacation from school. Did I ride? No.

In the morning I woke up with a dreadful stiff neck as I'd managed to sleep badly on it. So, off I went to the chiropractor. Fine, felt much better in an hour or so.

My carpenter was here so I chatted a bit with him. I had put up the corral panels to keep the horses out of the paddock area where he was working and, as usual had tied them together. When he came in, he saw one of the horses--the one with the white face--working like crazy to until one of the straps on the panels. He said when he walked by the horse kind of looked away from the strap with that kind of, "Who, me? I'm not doing anything," expression. Then as soon as he went back up the hill to where the run in shed is going to be the horse went back to trying to untie the strap. He said, not being a horseman, that it was really amazing to see.

White face? Chance. Need I say more? I should have renamed him Houdini.

I had to go in to school in the early afternoon to sign out. That meant I wouldn't have time to ride during the day--although it was kind of hot anyhow. I arrived at school on time, but ended up waiting some 45 minutes for one of the principals to come to the office to do look over all my paperwork and do my classroom check. And I had a meeting with the Assistant Superintendent about a project I am working on.

Got home in time to feed the Boys.

But, I had a rehearsal at 6:30 for my solo on Sunday, and I needed to practice my music a few more times. Since the reahearsal included dinner and a really nice visit with my choir director and his wife--two good friends--that took up the rest of the day.

I had the day off and no time to ride.

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  1. Perhaps you did not ride today but you have many days ahead where you will have the option. Such a nice feeling at the start of summer. I am feeling grumbly that the UK has school until the 18th of July. Not fair!!!!!!!!!! We don't usually have days too hot to ride here. Lately the highs have been in the 60's, perfect riding temperature. It's going to be a shock going back to the US, especially if we go to Colorado where it's very hot for many months.