Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I'll Say It Again

It's Still Too Darn Hot

They closed school for half a day. Pretty dramatic. Classes were hardly going on anyhow as most teachers and students were clustering in the rooms with air conditioning, including the auditorium.

I had a room with AC myself, so my students just sat back and relaxed. I did vocabulary with my freshmen and my seniors are still watching "The Prestige." Fascinating film even the second time around. The kids really seem interested in it.

Horses? Standing in their stalls (12' X 12' boxes) with the fans blowing on them. Although Toby and Tucker were together when I got home. Chance was in his own stall looking quite content with his mane blowing in the fan breeze.

Toby looked a little worn, though. I think the heat got to him a bit more than the others.

But, thunderstorms and a "cold front" are on the way tonight. "Cold" is relative as the temperature is supposed to only go down to the 80's, but that's almost a 20 degree drop! And the horrible tropical humidity is also supposed to go away.

Unloaded some alfalfa cubes, cleaned the stable, unhitched the truck and put it in the garage, (in case of hail), and came back in the house dripping with sweat.

Anyone want a free sauna? Come to New Jersey!


  1. ///Anyone want a free sauna? Come to New Jersey!///
    ME ME ME!! although that sounds a bit too hot:0

    Can just picture them standing infront of their fans:)))

  2. Not me, not me, not me!!! I hate it.

    Poor boys, how nice that you give them fans.