Thursday, June 26, 2008

The New Shed

It's Underway!!

The footings are in, the lumber finally arrived and the new shed is being built. I think it will be done by early next week. Steve, my carpenter, also started fixing the barn roof edge where the water had seeped into the wood and ruined the edge of it. Two jobs well begun in one day. The guy is a whiz.

He has one of his students working with him, learning some invaluable lessons in contruction for the summer and the two of them spent a good day digging holes for the footings, pouring concrete, and then working on the roof. Then, at workday's end, Steve knocked on my door to tell me he was still waiting for the lumber delivery. He told me he'd stay in the neighborhood until the deliveryman called him and then come back. Sure enough, sometime around 5 PM or so, both the lumber truck and Steve showed up. The truck was far too big to get in my driveway, so the guy unloaded the wood with a forklift he carries attached to the back of the trailer. Quite impressive, and it allowed him to drop the pile in the paddock just where Steve wanted it.

The Boys, meantime, seem singularly unimpressed with all the activity going on. Nice, because I guess Chance finally gave up trying to untie the knot to get the panels down.

Speaking of, I decided to lunge everyone at the end of the arena where all the shed makings and tools are. No one spooked or made a fuss. I was thinking that if I am ambitious enough, and it's not unbearbly hot tomorrow morning, I might ride Tucker and Chance while the guys are working. Posts going up, hammering, etc. should be a fine distraction for some training experience.

I lunged all three tonight and everyone was virtually perfect. Chance is getting really responsive to the voice commands and is much more even on both the right and left hands. Sometimes, on the right he still drifts out but it's so minor now it hardly matters. The nice thing is that this is also reflecting into his under saddle work, confirming, in my mind how valuable in hand exercises can be.

Tucker and Toby were lovely as well, so once more I am pleased with my Boys. I have some well mannered horses quite uncomplicated to the moment. Only time will tell.

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