Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Perhaps Later

At Least It's Cooler.....

Relatively speaking, that is. Still upper 80's. Got home a bit late and I have a meeting soon, so the horses did not get any work...yet. If the meeting closes early enough, I will at least lunge Tucker in the cool, cool, cool of the evening.

To follow up Caroline's story of Zip and his nap, when I went out for later night feed last night--or this morning around midnight, Chance was napping in his stall. He didn't bother to get up when I turned the barn lights on. I put his hay in and he just lay there, reaching over to munch on it. He was so comfy and adorable I simply could not disturb him by making him get up to eat his feed out of the tub. So, I poured it on top of the pile of hay.

Well, that suited Chance just fine and he started eating the feed too, without bothering to get up. I guess it's OK if he eats in bed? Talk about the easy life. *sigh*


  1. What a spoilt horse! But he is still a baby!

  2. Oh how sweet! What a nice picture that makes. I'm surprised you didn't lie down with him for a cuddle :-)


  3. so where WAS the camera?