Saturday, June 21, 2008

ANother Day Gone

School was a Bummer

Came home with a tension headache after a horrendous day at school.

One of the seniors who failed my class with some 60+ days absent and a failing grade point average caused a terrible ruckus. Included were a number of threats against me. I was pretty ugly.

Hopefully, the administrator in charge has found a solution where the girl will make up time and classwork in a modified summer school program suited to her work schedule. She really does need her job, which I understand, but I also could not certify her as passing when she in no way mastered 60% of the course material.

Anyhow, by the time I administered one more final exam, graded that and then calculated all the year end grade averages and submitted the required grades, I was worn out.

Never guess what I didn't do when I got home.

Don't think the Boys care. They look happy.


  1. you mean the girl has to work a job AND go to school?

  2. I approve of you sticking to your guns, grade inflation is rife in this country and is helps no-one to pretend that failure is success.


  3. Claire, we have lots of students who do that. There is a program for seniors to leave 1/2 day of school to go out on the job. It is a vocational/technical school so those kids have a shop class for the last half of the day so the job replaces that.

    Many kids work just after school, from 4 PM - 10 or 11 PM. Some need to, others think they "need" to in order to earn money to pay for cars, computers, ipods, etc.