Friday, June 13, 2008

No Report

Hot Day in School: Thursday

Well the cool off is not so cool off. I ended up staying in my classroom all day and it was wearing.

Thought I would ride after the sun started to set.

I fell asleep on the couch instead--hope my chiropractor doesn't read this.

Guess the heat got to me after all.

The Boys are, however, going out to the pasture occasionally. This after about five days of simply standing in the barn.

And I wonder why my training is going so slowly.....*sigh*

The last day of school for the summer is June 24th, so after that I can ride in the morning or whenever I so choose. That always makes it easier when the weather is hot.


  1. Exhausting just to read about it. Thankfully it's cool here for my run tomorrow, though the ground will be rock hard.


  2. Oh dear I wouldnt like to be shut up in a classroom..surely if it gets that hot all the rooms should have air con?