Friday, June 27, 2008

Gentlemen Both

The shed from the arena gate so you can see where it is located.

No Spooks Here

My carpenter and his assistant were here before 8 AM to work on the shed. You can see how much work they did today. When they came all that was there were the concrete footings to hold the upright posts.

While they were working, I did as planned and rode both Tucker and Chance in the arena.

Tucker was absolutley perfect about all the noise and construction. The saws, the compressor, the nail gun, the lumber being lifted and moved, the men on the roof and every other possible distraction had no effect on his concentration at all. We had a good school, a bit short because the heat was alredy building. We did some half pass, a lot of canter walk canter transitions, some super trot work some walk pirouettes and not once did he take his focus off of me on his back. What an incredible change from the horse I used to know.

Chance was a little less perfect, but he is still not entirely steady under saddle so any kind of disturbance affects him more. I did not ride him right up to the fence where the shed is as I did Tucker, but I probably could have done so after about five minutes. He bopped his head a few times, but was very easy to correct.

The biggest flaw in our ride was that I had opened the second gate out to the pasture and forgotten to close the other gate that opens into the arena. Needless to say, we had two visitors when Toby and Tucker wandered in to "snoopervise" the schooling session. I had to dismount , shoo them back out, and then remount to finish up my ride. Chance took it all in stride.

I didn't ride Toby as the temperatures upped into the 90's. It was pretty oppressive. I don't know how those guys kept working, but they did. As you can see, the shed will be done in another day. Amazing.

Below is a picture of Chance heading out to look at the shed. He had to stop to check out the barrel, as you can see. He is quite a cute young man.


  1. this all sounds like a good start to your summer vacation! hope it continues that way!

  2. Looking good is it for storage?

    Oooh holidays ive got 4weeks left then off for 4..cant wait!:)

  3. Oh Chance has changed. I know he is rugged, but he looks physically changed.

    I understand why you do not ride in the 90s ...

    Very hot and humid here too